February 28th, 2022

By Ibrahim Kader


3 Ways Video Conferencing Mitigates Business Travel & Heightens Organisational Communication


Business travel has long been a contentious subject. While the idea of only being a plane ride away from international stakeholders or potential business partners is appealing, there are negatives associated.

However, in the absence of other alternatives, employees and managers alike boarded planes, trains, buses and cars to attend important meetings and conferences. Such is the importance of face to face communication.

Most recently though, the face of the workforce and associated workplace dynamics have changed. All of which is thanks to the pandemic and the emergence of remote work. Interestingly, ideals surrounding productivity and communication have also begun to shift.

Workers no longer have to drop everything to travel, wasting hours before and after meetings in transit. Instead, from the comfort of home, workers can use video conferencing to enjoy instant face to face communication with people around the globe.

While there is something to be said for in-person meetings and conferences, video conferencing provides a viable and long term solution, especially in light of current world events.

With no value lost, video conferencing works to mitigate business travel and improve communications. With seamless communication channels open between local and global partners, all government and council business becomes more efficient and effective.

Reduce your footprint

Conducting everyday operations in a government or council business will require travel. Yet, sending employees or the upper echelons of management on these trips- however long or short- impacts the business.

Monetary considerations

Financially, travel can become a burden. With businesses likely to be in a prolonged recovery period for some time thanks to the pandemic, minimising costs has never been more important.

Instead of spending money to send employees to global or local locations for one day or even a week, this money can be saved. In the long term, these savings will more than cover the cost of investing in video conferencing solutions.

Environmental footprint

Just like the workforce has changed, workplace and consumer values have also changed. Consumers, employees and investors alike are now considering a company’s social and environmental policies before even engaging with them.

With this in mind, a company’s decision to embrace video conferencing solutions over international and national travel for business meetings can have lasting effects. In terms of both the health of the environment we live in and also, how their brand is perceived.

While reducing travel has monetary and environmental benefits, it would be remiss to think that business travel won’t be missed. Many workers found corporate travel to be a real bonus of the job. Additionally, communication is a cornerstone of business operations.

It’s worth noting that, when the time comes, business travel will become a real proposition again. However, in this new operating environment, it will always be important to prioritise video conferencing in instances where corporate travel is deemed unnecessary.

Quality at both ends

Mitigating business travel by embracing video conferencing solutions has many benefits. Money is saved and carbon footprints are reduced. Though, perhaps most importantly for business operations, there is no value lost.

Modern video conferencing solutions mean that every meeting participant, whether it be the host or the attendee, is seen and heard, with no impairments. No matter if they’re in the office or situated at the desk of their home office, in a different country altogether.

Simple to set up and use, video conferencing products like the Logitech Rally Bar and Logitech Brio add value. With top quality video and audio, those gathered around a Rally Bar, or those at home using the Brio, sound and look professional.

This kind of quality makes it easy to stay focused while meeting virtually with fellow employees, business partners or even potential contacts. Ensuring that information is effectively and efficiently conveyed and received. Communication truly becomes seamless.

Importantly, video conferencing tools are also secure. Making sure that all information shared remains business confidential and in the right hands. Designed to feature smooth streaming, there is no value lost. In fact, value is gained when holding a virtual meeting.

Become more efficient

As video conferencing minimises travel time while simultaneously providing a platform to hold quality meetings, these solutions also work to increase efficiency within the government and council sectors.

Instead of losing hours at the airport or in transit all for one meeting, video conferencing makes every minute of the work day count. Affording you the platform to simply end a meeting in one moment and in the next, get back to completing every day work tasks.

By maximising every minute of the work day, productivity undoubtedly increases. Allowing employees to reach their potential while also enabling the business to meet certain KPIs, goals and targets.

Embracing video conferencing solutions today can ensure long term efficiencies. With the future of workplaces likely moving towards a hybrid arrangement, employing video conferencing and associated certified products now provides a level of preparedness.

In essence, this means that your organisation is future proofed. Certified products work long term. No matter what software updates arise, your equipment will be able to support the update. Ensuring that time sensitive decisions or plans can always be executed.

Video conferencing solutions: the future of hybrid workforces

The workforce is changing and so too are common business practices. Instead of travelling mere footsteps or across oceans to connect with team members and business contacts, you can stay at your desk and contact them virtually, all thanks to video conferencing solutions.

With video conferencing, all the perceived barriers to hybrid work are removed. All of which works to improve day-to-day efficiencies and ensure social and corporate responsibility. These solutions also have implications on the bigger picture for government and council workforces.

By embracing video conferencing today, organisations are effectively laying the infrastructure groundwork that will become a requirement for enjoying sustained success in the hybrid working environment. To equip your organisation for success in this new chapter, contact a Logitech VC expert today.

Ibby works with businesses across QLD and NT to accelerate their video readiness. His aim is to replace the traditional challenges that accompany older style technology with confidence, simplicity and innovation through Logitech’s scalable solutions.

With over 15 years of industry experience, he loves finding the best solution within a client’s price range to ensure their workplaces are prepared to connect and interact seamlessly, no matter the location.

Ibrahim Kader
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