February 28th, 2022

By Matthew Watts


An Invitation for Interaction: Improving Customer Communications in Finance & Banking

Financial Services

In the modern business operating environment, customers have high expectations. When dealing with a business, customers expect instantaneous communication, as well as prompt and timely resolutions to problems.

However, in the midst of transitioning to remote or hybrid working arrangements, businesses may have forgotten about catering to the new and somewhat fundamental wants and needs of customers.

Luckily, there is an easy solution – video conferencing tools. Essentially an open invitation for interaction, video conferencing solutions provide a platform to fulfill business needs and the inherent wants and needs of customers.

With communication proving more valuable than ever before, it’s important for businesses to foster relationships between customer service and client representatives and customers. Otherwise, customers or clients will simply take their business elsewhere.

It’s also important to note that the benefits of video conferencing solutions are far reaching. On one level, communication and collaboration increase. On another level, video conferencing tools can be used to streamline every facet of your business.

Immersive, enterprising communication

In light of world events and current business operating environments, communication is more valuable than ever before. Yet, communication, especially face to face communication, is especially hard to come by.

Video conferencing solutions can bridge this divide. Providing a platform where customers and customer service workers can share seamless and open dialogue. Working together to either ensure that all valuable information is provided, or that problems are resolved.

Being able to come face to face with a finance or banking representative also provides a certain level of security and authenticity. You know you are talking to the right person and thus, the dialogue becomes more productive.

This level of trust is also beneficial for workers. This is because, during a virtual chat, customers can put a face to the worker’s name. This makes it easier to connect and pick up on social cues.

These social cues also work to show employees when it’s time to take a new course of action during a sales pitch. It may also inform the course of action employees take when they are contacted for troubleshooting.

Video conferencing solutions are multifaceted tools. At once allowing customer’s demands to be met while also encouraging the growth of customer trust, loyalty and above all else, satisfaction. Providing the platform to ensure immersive and enterprising communication.

Are you collecting valuable feedback and improving your communication?

Video conferencing can also provide valuable consumer insights to finance and banking businesses, at once gathering customer feedback and collating video call insight into key pieces of data.

This kind of data gives a business unparalleled insight into the minds of its customers and workers. By providing data in real time, managers and the like can monitor and measure satisfaction. All of which ensures that your business can be proactive, rather than reactive.

When using video conferencing tools to interact with customers, workers can prompt customers to complete a post video call survey. The survey can be hosted on a website link or a document that is directly sent to the customer via email.

By immediately offering the means to give feedback, businesses gain key insights, in real time. Hearing directly from customers about their experiences is invaluable as it affords businesses the insight needed in order to improve consumer satisfaction.

Video conferencing solutions also provide businesses with a way to track KPIs. The Logitech Sync has the ability to collect data on how people use video meeting rooms and the associated devices, showing businesses what exact areas may need improving.

What’s in it for you?

Video conferencing solutions provide businesses with the tools needed to improve internal and customer communications. The multifaceted nature of these solutions also provides specific benefits to your business. All of which works to streamline business operations.

More time. Lots more time.

Video conferencing tools help workers assist customers, whether through providing information or solving problems. By having such an efficient communication platform, common obstacles to productivity are removed.

Firstly, instead of having to travel to meet with customers in person, communication can happen instantly and once the problem is solved, workers can quickly move on to the next task. Giving workers back hours that were originally spent in transit.

Additionally, as video conferencing tools track key data like meeting times, operations can change in accordance with this data. For example, if meetings were scheduled too often, Logitech Sync would provide this data to managers who could then optimise scheduling.

Talent. Take your pick.

Whether or not a business employs video conferencing solutions in their day to day operations can have a direct result on matters such as employee retention and talent acquisition.

When it comes to employee satisfaction, a factor that contributes to this is having the tools needed to perform a task. By integrating video conferencing solutions into operations, employees always have the tools needed to perform tasks.

Additionally, video conferencing solutions mean that your employees can work from anywhere in the world and remain efficient. Therefore, if an employee is desperate for a sea change, they can move and still work so that your business doesn’t lose key talent.

Video conferencing also removes location barriers when it comes to hiring practices. This means that when advertising positions, there are no limits or compromises. This helps you find the best, most talented person to fill the role.

Video conferencing solutions: a ticket to streamlined efficiences

In an age where instant communication and problem solving is expected amongst consumers, businesses operating in today’s climate may be finding it hard to attract, retain and satisfy customers.

This is largely due to the rise in remote and hybrid working environments. However, this kind of disconnect between a business and its most important asset- customers- doesn’t have to become the norm.

In fact, by implementing video conferencing solutions, businesses can enjoy a more meaningful connection with customers than ever before. As video conferencing tools facilitate face to face interaction- albeit virtually- every interaction can be maximised.

While this invitation for interaction undoubtedly satisfies the desires of the modern consumer, there are also business specific benefits. Video conferencing solutions can transform everything from the way a business communicates to the way it hires.

When it comes to equipping a business for success and satisfying the needs of finance and banking customers who want secure services and quality communication, video conferencing is key. To enjoy streamlined efficiencies, contact a Logitech sales expert.

Matt leads the Logitech Business Development and Account Management team. With 20 years of audiovisual and video collaboration experience, he strategically positions his team to succeed. He is proud to play a part in bringing the new way of collaboration to workplaces with Logitech’s award-winning, innovative solutions.

Matthew Watts
VC Enterprise Business Manager - ANZ

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The Australian Red Cross are an organisation focused on humanitarian values. Everything is about face-to-face relationships and that’s very difficult to do when you have 120 sites across the country. Now, with everyone able to communicate and collaborate face-to-face, it’s changing the way we work.

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