February 28th, 2022

By Matthew Watts


Building High-Performance Financial Services Through Video Conferencing

Financial Services

Video conferencing solutions and tools have been celebrated for helping ease the transition from an office based workforce to a largely distributed workforce. However, video conferencing tools can provide much more.

In fact, turning to video can increase operational efficiencies, mitigate risks and provide a more efficient and enjoyable experience for customers. All of which, in this new modern workforce, will be key to enjoying sustained success.

Video conferencing solutions are so beneficial because they just work. There is an inherent ease of set-up, use and management. All of which helps make an employee’s job easier. If workers are given the tools to succeed- they will.

Offering consistency, simplicity, flexibility and visibility, video conferencing solutions offer the platform for financial services to succeed. Helping financial institutions build high-performance services that are future-proofed and proven to succeed.

By taking the time to replace legacy systems in favour of video conference solutions, organisations empower their workforces. Simultaneously simplifying and increasing the efficiency of operations.

All of which means that employees are provided with a platform to succeed. With operations made easier and more efficient, they can focus on the things that really matter- performing their roles to the highest standard possible.

What successful video conferencing means for you

Video conferencing doesn’t just enable employees to work from home. Rather, it also provides unique propositions, offering consistency, simplicity, flexibility and visibility, at home and in the office. All of which combine to result in increased operational efficiencies.


When it comes to deploying video conferencing solutions on a large scale, there is a certain element of consistency that is provided. Employees can log on at home, or in the office and work with the same technology.

This makes it easy for hybrid workers to quite literally pick up where they left off. Ensuring that every minute at the desk is optimised. This in turn results in an elevated level of productivity across the board.

Video conferencing tools like Logitech Roommate are invaluable assets to businesses operating in the new economy confronting us today. A purpose-built computing appliance for video conferencing rooms, the Roommate makes it easy to deploy Rooms appliances.

Offering supported solutions in large to extra large rooms, Roommate provides HD video conferencing in rooms with one or two displays. The benefits of which should not be overlooked.

When it comes to meeting with fellow employees, stakeholders or clients, professionalism is key. By conducting every meeting professionally, the other participants on the video call feel confident that every person they speak to within the organisation is on the same page.


Transitioning to the next normal and saying goodbye to legacy systems sounds like a large undertaking. However, when working to implement video conferencing solutions, this simply isn’t the case.

In fact, transitioning to systems that will help your business cope with the new working normal is as simple as taking video conferencing products out of the box. Designed for maximum ease of use, products work straight out of the box.

A great example of simplicity is the Logitech Zone Wireless headset. Designed to feature flip to mute mic, wireless charging and exceptional sound, acoustic environments can be easily controlled. Ensuring both effective and elevated levels of communication.

Investing in products that work out of the box means that work can carry on seamlessly, ensuring that customers, stakeholders and clients are not inconvenienced. Video conferencing tools have the added bonus of being easy to manage, even on a large scale.

This gives those in the finance and banking industry confidence that the products they are using, be it webcams, headsets or meeting room devices, are secure and up to the task of keeping sensitive documents and client information confidential.


Video conferencing allows flexible working environments to thrive. This is because these types of solutions provide both in office and at home workers with the tools needed in order to perform their roles satisfactorily.

A product like Logitech Brio is easily deployed and ready to use in no time at all. The premium 4k webcam with HDR and Windows Hello Support means that communication and meetings can take place, any time, anywhere and still remain professional.

A product like the Brio serves many purposes. In the banking and financial sector, the same video conferencing solution can be used to streamline the onboarding process, drive operational efficiencies and ensure seamless communications across the board.


When using video conferencing tools, there is unparalleled visibility. On one level this means that virtual meetings can be held with crystal clear video. On a deeper level, it means that every device is connected and therefore easily managed.

Take a product like Logitech Sync for example. A remote management device that scales to thousands of meeting room devices and accessories, the Sync makes everything from device management to software updates seamless.

The Sync effectively streamlines everything from optimising meeting rooms to managing device upgrades and resolving trouble tickets in real time. Making sure that workers within your company are always online and visible to each other, clients and customers.

Enjoy a future proofed organisation

The capacity to work effectively under a hybrid or similar arrangement is proving to be the new workplace frontier. Therefore, in order to adapt and succeed, businesses must embrace solutions that will provide sustained success.

Video conferencing solutions have been engineered to provide sustained success. Effectively allowing you to future proof your organisation simply by transitioning to certified products.

Certified products lay the groundwork for sustained success. They are built to last, facilitating high-quality use and are guaranteed to support software upgrades. Ensuring that there are no barriers to completing business critical work, any time, anywhere.

Harnessing the power of video conferencing to succeed

The message is clear, in today’s operating climate, businesses must adapt in order to maintain a presence and enjoy sustained success. Otherwise, potential stakeholders, clients, customers and workers will move to engage with companies who have adapted.

It’s not hard to understand why key personnel would make such a move. Particularly when you consider that video conferencing solutions make every aspect of work easier and provide unparalleled consistency, simplicity, flexibility and visibility.

Making the switch to video conferencing helps make the present count and works to future-proof your banking or financial organisation. For help building high performance financial services through video conferencing, contact a Logitech representative today.

Matt leads the Logitech Business Development and Account Management team. With 20 years of audiovisual and video collaboration experience, he strategically positions his team to succeed. He is proud to play a part in bringing the new way of collaboration to workplaces with Logitech’s award-winning, innovative solutions.

Matthew Watts
VC Enterprise Business Manager - ANZ

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The Australian Red Cross are an organisation focused on humanitarian values. Everything is about face-to-face relationships and that’s very difficult to do when you have 120 sites across the country. Now, with everyone able to communicate and collaborate face-to-face, it’s changing the way we work.

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Our previous video conferencing service was proving inadequate, which was deterring employees from using it. We decided to switch to Logitech. The new solutions have been a real hit with our employees, delivering excellent performance and seamless integration with our existing work collaboration applications. Being able to manage the technology in house also means we can now be proactive in our incident response, meaning less downtime for users.

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