April 4th, 2022

By Matthew Watts


Elevating the Client-Facing Experience Through Video Conferencing Technology

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The workplace is undergoing drastic changes. Some workers are situated remotely. Other workers are based in the office. A portion of workers are even operating under a hybrid arrangement, making video conferencing technology more important than ever before.

However, despite all this change, there are still some things that haven’t changed, namely the inherent needs of clients. While professional services firms such as doctors, lawyers or accountants are trying to find their feet, there are still customers to consider.

In the face of change, continuing to deliver quality client-facing experiences is paramount. Otherwise, consumers will simply take their business elsewhere. However, delivering such a service during these uncertain times can be easier said than done.

Logitech understands the inherent importance of ensuring that client interactions are both effective and efficient. That’s why Logitech’s suite of video conferencing solutions actively works to bridge the gap between remote workers, their colleagues and customers.

With the help of video conferencing technology, nothing is lost in this new workplace operating environment. In fact, communication and access is enhanced. Ensuring that, even during periods of change, you can always effectively and efficiently communicate with customers.

The technological value add

Modern technology advancements have changed the way customers interact with a business. Not only do customers expect to be replied to in a timely manner, they also expect a company to be accessible across a variety of channels.

As such, a business needs to be contactable via email, phone and even online chat forums. Additionally, customers also expect their information and call history to be easily accessible. This way, the business can provide real-time help.

Without technology, a business can fall behind competitors in terms of services offered. Perhaps more importantly, customers will take their business elsewhere in order to receive the seamless experience that modern consumers are craving.

However, it is very hard to offer such services without investing in technology. In its most basic format, technology amplifies and increases the value delivered through communications in a professional services context. On a deeper level, technology adds value in the form of bridging the gap between remote and even hybrid workers and their customers and clients. Technology in the form of video conferencing solutions means that navigating communications is easier than ever for workers.

It also has benefits for clients. Video conferencing allows for face to face meetings, anytime, anywhere. Making professional services firms more accessible than ever before while also ensuring meaningful and efficient communication.

How and why it works

By bridging the gap between professional services workers and their clients, video conferencing technology adds another dimension to communications. Rather than talking over the phone or via email, communication is more instant and meaningful.

While elevating the client-facing experience, video conferencing technology ensures that communication between colleagues is also enhanced. This in turn gives clients the satisfaction that everyone within the professional services firm is on the same page.

This notion shouldn’t be undervalued. With each worker within a professional services firm able to access the same information and communication channels, knowledge is shared. Ensuring that there are no barriers to clients receiving quality, uninterrupted services.


A product that goes a long way towards elevating the client-facing experience is the Rally Plus Video Conferencing Camera System. A device equipped for large rooms, Rally is a premier modular video conferencing system.

With features that stress simplicity and also quality, Rally lets workers start a meeting with just one touch. This means that there are no barriers to starting meetings easily and connecting with clients and even coworkers who are operating remotely and may need quick solutions.

Complete with cinema-quality video, Rally ensures that the display transmits with outstanding colour and exceptional optical accuracy. This means that meeting participants can look professional in any environment.

A facilitator for great conversations, Rally also features ultra-low distortion speakers to deliver crystal clear, room filling sound. This ensures that every voice around the meeting table is heard, which in turn helps to ensure that no important information is missed.

By combining ease of use with high quality sound and audio, Rally brings a sense of simplicity to a professional services firm. Making it easy to effectively and efficiently connect with and communicate with clients and remote colleagues.


Logitech can provide video conferencing solutions for meeting rooms of various sizes and scales. For small rooms, there is MeetUp, an all-in-one conferencecam with an ultra-wide lens. Helping a professional services firm maximise all real estate and increase capabilities.

Packing big features into a compact form factor, MeetUp is simple to manage and comes with a host of benefits. With front-of-room alignment for voice and video, MeetUp facilitates natural conversations.

Featuring technology that includes a beamforming mic array to capture speech, while also auto-levelling louder and softer voices, MeetUp ensures that everyone in the meeting can be seen and heard clearly. Ensuring a level of professionalism and effective communication.


Video conferencing solutions need to provide a platform for clear and consistent communication. However, they also need to facilitate the sharing of information. With Logitech Tap, content sharing is instant.

By providing an element of effortlessness to sharing, video meetings can also be incredibly productive. By allowing and accounting for content sharing, video meetings are a viable alternative to face to face meetings.

Importantly, video conferencing solutions like Tap don’t take anything away from the meeting room. With mounting options and avenues for secure cabling, these solutions integrate into the office, adding value without taking anything away.

Pioneer the future of client experiences

For a professional services firm, equipping rooms with video conferencing solutions is a highly beneficial endeavour. In an age where workers operate under remote or even hybrid arrangements, there are many internal benefits to enjoy.

However, channels for increased communication also serve to benefit clients. In the digital age, consumers want communication to be delivered effectively and efficiently. However, it’s not always possible to do so in person.

With video conferencing tools, barriers to communication are removed and the client-facing experience is enhanced. By being able to meet and communicate with a professional services firm anywhere and anytime, information is expressed efficiently and effectively to clients.

All of this works to ensure that the needs of the modern consumer are being met. Ensuring that your professional services firm retains its value and operates with professionalism in this new working world. To seek out how Logitech Video Collaborations can provide you with the most effective solution, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Matt leads the Logitech Business Development and Account Management team. With 20 years of audiovisual and video collaboration experience, he strategically positions his team to succeed. He is proud to play a part in bringing the new way of collaboration to workplaces with Logitech’s award-winning, innovative solutions.

Matthew Watts
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