June 28th, 2022

By Matthew Watts


How Logitech has Positioned Itself as an Industry Leader in Video Conferencing

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Modern workers are currently experiencing a new dawn of video conferencing. Previously used as a way to facilitate meetings between staff members, video conferencing now plays a fundamental role in business operations.

Whether bridging the gap between remote and in-office workers or providing a platform to meet with key stakeholders and clients, both flexibly and within a timely manner, video conferencing has become a business non-negotiable.

Logitech’s suite of video conferencing solutions has led the charge towards an increased reliance on video conferencing tools. Providing consistency and importantly, reliability, Logitech affords businesses with the tools needed to be productive in this new working age.

While communication is the backbone of many corporations, its importance to a professional services business cannot be overstated. Benefiting management and employees, as well as clients, good communication practices can improve operational outcomes. 

In a working age where communication and access is paramount, equipping an organisation with robust communication tools contributes to effective and efficient processes. Importantly, embracing digital means also helps a business keep pace with customers’ new demands.

The state of the video conferencing industry 

There was a time in business where employees didn’t require communications tools in order to meet with fellow colleagues, key stakeholders or clients. This is because they could simply walk across the room to someone’s office, or attend a meeting together. 

In modern business, access to individuals isn’t as straightforward. Some team members might be working from home, others may be operating under a hybrid arrangement while another section of staff remain exclusively in the office.

With employees changing locations, businesses needed a solution to bridge the divide. That solution is modern video conferencing systems. Offering a variety of new features and benefits, video conferencing makes operations seamless. 

Historically, when it comes to meetings, the phrase has been, bring your own device. In the modern day, it’s now bring your own meeting. Simply because technology no longer controls the meeting, individuals can. 

This makes the meeting room more dynamic, engaging and productive. All of which flows on to help employees become more efficient, processes more seamless and customer care more thorough. 

Key features every business should look for in a VC solution 

While modern video conferencing tools aim to facilitate communication- both internally and externally- there are other features to consider. This is because a professional services business needs dynamic solutions in order to meet consumer needs and business objectives.  

With this in mind, Logitech is pioneering the way. With a suite of products that are inherently reliable, secure, easy to use and convenient, Logitech has emerged as an industry leader when it comes to providing video conferencing solutions. 

By offering multi-dimensional and flexible products, Logitech provides professional services firms with seamless access to the tools needed in order to thrive in this new operating environment.

The need for security 

When it comes to video conferencing solutions, security is paramount. Whether these solutions are being used to communicate with clients or with fellow coworkers, the information being conveyed will be confidential and business critical. 

Logitech understands the inherent need for security. That’s why Logitech Sync comes complete with enterprise grade security. As such, Sync employs end-to-end encryption and neither collects nor transmits audio, video or shared content. 

This level of security is present not only in meeting room solutions, but also in tools designed for remote workers. As such, Logitech’s Brio Webcam features 4K ultra HD video and HDR. Importantly, elements of privacy are also accounted for thanks to attachable privacy shades.  

Video conferencing solutions complete with security measures are essential to new age operations. Not only offering peace of mind, security elements also ensure that meeting data remains private and secure. All of which helps to assure customers and clients. 

An all-in-one solution

One of the most important features in a video conferencing solution is ease of use. Without ease of use, employees struggle against adopting such solutions. Which, in turn, negatively impacts productivity. 

While a degree of simplicity is rare in the video conferencing market, Logitech is the exception. This is because Logitech products such as Rally Bar and MeetUp match ease of connection and configuration with ease of use. 

While an all-in-one conferencecam such as MeetUp sounds complex, the user experience is paramount. Intuitive and user friendly, MeetUp provides an all in one design that is equal parts simple. This way, plug-and-play video conferencing is assured

Logitech Rally Bar is another product example of all-in-one technology. Offering cinematic audio and video, users need only deploy one solution in order to host or attend an internal or external meeting. 

Product/service support

A professional services firm should also look for video conferencing solutions that provide both product and service support. Without this embedded support, key meeting infrastructure could present offline or need an upgrade, hindering meeting start times and success. 

Sync fulfils this need for reliable solutions. Sync is able to maximise performance and minimise disruptions by providing management capabilities at scale, all of which provides multiple benefits.

Firstly, the ability to configure and update devices remotely means that settings can be adjusted to ensure that infrastructure is operating at its peak. Secondly, facilitating diagnosing at a distance means that problems can be fixed before device issues impact meetings.

Finally, Sync provides alerts, giving IT the opportunity to act quickly. These three benefits are integral to operating in the modern world. This is because such support means that there are always channels open for workers to communicate with each other and with clients.

Video conferencing solutions for the changing workplace

The workplace has undoubtedly changed dramatically over the last few years. Workers are now spread out geographically. Some are in the office while others are opting to work from home. 

It’s not just the workplace that’s changed, consumers are changing too. In the social media age, with communication and results so instantaneous, individuals now expect to interact with companies in a similarly efficient way.

In order to facilitate consumer needs and also to keep business operations effective, there is a new age of video conferencing solutions. Namely, solutions that are flexible, secure and easily supported. 

With a product suite encompassing solutions for both in-office and remote workers, Logitech is leading the way when it comes to providing solutions for the modern workplace. Helping professional services firms deploy infrastructure that is beneficial today and in the future.

Matt leads the Logitech Business Development and Account Management team. With 20 years of audiovisual and video collaboration experience, he strategically positions his team to succeed. He is proud to play a part in bringing the new way of collaboration to workplaces with Logitech’s award-winning, innovative solutions.

Matthew Watts
VC Enterprise Business Manager - ANZ

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