July 11th, 2022

By James Barker


How Video Conferencing Enables the Effective Delivery of Healthcare Services


The healthcare industry is changing. Thanks to the introduction of telemedicine, healthcare providers and patients alike expect to be able to provide and receive high quality and timely care, all delivered with technology.

While a departure from traditional healthcare services, the benefits to such a change speak for themselves. However, these small steps will be in vain if investment in technology isn’t made a priority. 

Able to provide a simplified and unified platform for communication, video conferencing is the new era of healthcare. An era that will not only benefit hospital and medical centre operations, but also medical professionals and patients alike. 

Why choose video conferencing technology for health care services

The healthcare industry is currently facing a crossroads. After a tough few years, medical professionals are experiencing burnout at alarming rates. Couple this with the fact that every country is comprised of an ageing population. 

While elements of telehealth were used to provide services in pandemic times, these elements can also be used today in order to revitalise the broader healthcare system. This is because a quality video conferencing solution has many benefits.

Save time and money with advanced VC solution

One of the benefits of integrating video conferencing solutions into healthcare practices is the fact that there are both time and money savings to enjoy. Take elements of telehealth as an example.

With the help of a headset and webcamera, doctors can sit at their desk or at their home office and engage with patients who may live hours away. Being able to facilitate virtual meetings means that doctors don’t have to spend time travelling. 

In turn, these time savings make doctors more efficient. Increased productivity also has an impact on patient loads. This is because, with more time on their hands, doctors can extend care to more patients than ever before.

While increasing operational efficiencies, video conferencing technology also helps a hospital or medical practice save money. By equipping meeting rooms with technology, it enables workers to easily consult with each other, stakeholders and other doctors or specialists. 

This means that travel costs are minimised and time is optimised. Further, take a product like Sync for example. Able to provide unique meeting room insights, businesses are afforded the knowledge needed to comfortably budget and plan for meeting room tech. 

Additionally, video conferencing solutions, when used in conjunction with Sync, feature scalable implementation, monitoring and IT support. This brings a certain level of cost-effectiveness in terms of managing meeting rooms and the associated devices. 

Video conferencing technology is a spatial barrier breaker 

Under a traditional healthcare system, distance is always a barrier. Distance means that doctors cannot reasonably travel to treat patients. Distance means that patients may spend hours travelling to attend one doctor’s appointment. 

On one hand, distance can be time consuming. On the other hand, if the medical situation is serious, distance can be critical. Elements of telehealth render barriers pertaining to distance obsolete.

By jumping on a video call with patients, doctors can provide expert and high quality care to individuals. Additionally, this type of technology means that each member of an individual’s care team has an avenue to appropriately communicate and collaborate. 

Improve patient retention and loyalty with efficient telehealth 

In the modern age, individuals expect quick and easy access to almost everything. Healthcare is no exception. Therefore, if an existing provider cannot provide elements of telehealth, patients will simply look elsewhere.

As such, in order to remain competitive in the industry, providers both small and large will need to embrace elements of telemedicine. This way, strong relationships can be nurtured and patient retention can be improved.

However, it’s worth noting that simply implementing telehealth doesn’t solve the problem. On any given day, doctors may encounter patients operating off different software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Without a high quality video solution, this could be a logistical nightmare.

With an all-in-one device like Logitech Rally Bar Mini, doctors and other healthcare professionals can seamlessly meet with patients, no matter their operating platform. With ease of integration with different softwares, Rally Bar Mini ensures high quality audio and video, no matter a patient’s preferred software. 

Ease of access to specialists in the need of emergency 

There is also room for high quality video conferencing solutions in emergency situations. This is because, by equipping operating theatres and other spaces throughout hospitals and medical centres with this technology, there is an ability to increase communication.

Take an operating theatre for example. A surgeon may be operating on a patient and come across something unexpected. With high quality video conferencing technology, the surgeon can effectively dial in another specialist to consult in real time. 

By providing the consulting specialist with high quality audio and visual output, there is no compromise to patient care. In fact, patient care is improved. This ensures that patients always have access to high quality care, whether the situation is stable or urgent. 

Improve medical training and enhance education for medical students 

Equipping hospitals and other medical centres with high quality video conferencing technology has a marked benefit on the education of medical students. With access to real life training and education, expertise and understanding only increases.

By equipping treatment rooms or theatres with video conferencing technology, and utilising them when patient consent is given, students essentially have a front row seat to the role of being a doctor.

This kind of access breeds familiarity and enhances learning for students. Additionally, existing medical staff can also benefit. By having surgeries recorded or live streamed, doctors can sit in, gaining insight into techniques or procedures that supplement their own knowledge. 

Provide effective and reliable communication for maximised productivity 

Video conferencing technology can be deployed in a range of different spaces throughout an organisation. One such place is in a meeting room. In a healthcare context, the importance of an optimised meeting room cannot be underestimated. 

By deploying video conferencing technology such as Logitech MeetUp, communication is always reliable. Essentially plug-and-play, high quality video conferencing devices are simple to use. This means that connection or display issues won’t get in the way of a meeting. 

With this in mind, communication is made easier. Medical staff can simply gather round the meeting room and connect to the display in order to deliver a presentation, converse with other specialists or consult with stakeholders. 

This, in turn, increases productivity rates. With staff able to attend a meeting and concentrate seamlessly, there is no time wasted. As such, there are also elements of being cost efficient at play

Effectively delivering healthcare services in the modern age

With the passage of time and the invention of new technologies, many aspects of professional and personal lives are changing. That’s why, in order to remain competitive and functional, hospitals and other medical centres must adopt robust methods of technology. 

In terms of business reasons, patients, in their personal lives, are increasingly gravitating towards quick and easy access to products and services. In a practical sense, technology just makes operational processes and procedures more efficient and effective.

Whether looking to train medical students, provide access to world class opinions or break down barriers to treating remote patients, high quality video conferencing technology is the solution. 

With a product suite that can seamlessly integrate into everything from treatment rooms and operating theatres to meeting rooms and teaching areas, Logitech can provide you with the right solution. Contact a sales representative today to embrace the new frontier of healthcare.

James works with businesses in Victoria and Tasmania to create the perfect Logitech solution so they can communicate anytime, anywhere.

He believes video collaboration enables businesses to communicate effectively, increase productivity and maintain unified team culture.

With 11 years of industry experience, James is committed to partnering with clients to tailor their solutions. He delivers the right hardware within their budget to simplify their way of work and create sustainable change.

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