April 4th, 2022

By Ibrahim Kader


Managing Technology Infrastructure in a Video Conferencing Context


As a result of broader world events, the workplace has undergone drastic changes in the last few years. The biggest change of all has been the evolution of hybrid working arrangements. 

As such, rather than just a nice addition to operations, video conferencing solutions have become an invaluable asset to businesses of all sizes, across a range of different industry sectors. 

With the right video conferencing solutions, government and council workers, whether operating remotely or in the office, can effectively and efficiently collaborate. That’s why investing in and correctly managing the right technology infrastructure is key. 

Able to reduce costs while also maintaining channels for high quality communications and security, there is a level of simplicity about certified video conferencing solutions. Easy to deploy, manage and use at scale, these solutions facilitate efficient and effective work. 

Understanding the complexity of enterprise video conferencing infrastructure

With video conferencing’s popularity and widespread adoption, it’s easy to think that these technology based solutions appeared as a result of the COVID crisis. This evolution is important when you think about how vital video conferencing solutions are to the modern workplace. Connecting colleagues to each other and their clients, video conferencing helps enterprises maintain high standards of work.

Being able to maintain high working standards is now more important than ever before. Especially when you consider the complexity of modern enterprise workflows and how meeting room spaces and dynamics are constantly changing, along with elements of scale.

For example, device deployment will change depending on the settings of each meeting room. Work from home employees will also need technology hardware both deployed and managed. 

Device management tools that help an organisation deploy, manage and use video conferencing solutions are key. This way managing technology infrastructure is not only cost effective and efficient, but also simplified. Easily giving workers the tools needed to succeed.

Hardware requirement for video conferencing

Managing video conferencing technology can become tricky because of the pure scale of related devices. For example, a government and council enterprise will need a video conferencing system for each individual meeting room in the office.

Under new hybrid working arrangements, hardware will also need to be provided to individual employees. This hardware takes the form of high-quality webcams, microphones and headsets. This way, remote employees can join the conversation in a professional manner.

Simplify deployment for meeting room VC hardware

Hardware such as Logitech’s Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini go a long way towards providing companies with modern solutions to modern problems. Importantly, while the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini perform complex functions, they bring simplicity to operations.

These all-in-one video bars combine a camera, speakers, microphone and AI technology in one versatile solution. A simple and fast approach to adding video conferencing capabilities to any meeting room- large or small- these solutions are easy to deploy and cost effective. 

Simply plug and play out of the box, decreasing installation times and maximising time for meetings. These video conferencing solutions are also compatible with popular video conferencing platforms, making connecting as easy as touching a button

Additionally, by reducing the number of physical devices in a meeting room in favour of all-in-one video bars, there is a level of implicit simplicity. Without numerous cables and devices, there is less room for products or connections to become lost or faulty.

Safely manage high quality endpoint hardware 

The right technology infrastructure, while working everyday to simplify deployment and terms of use will also allow for safe management. In a remote setting, such reassurance is beneficial to both employees and IT departments.

One hardware example is webcams. Take a product like Logitech’s Brio 4K Webcam. Featuring HDR technologies, this webcam helps workers look and sound professional in any light.

Another hardware example is that of headsets, specifically Logitech’s H820E Headset. Featuring wireless capabilities and noise-cancelling technology, this headset ensures that employees don’t miss any verbal communications.

These pieces of hardware have something in common. While providing employees with the tools needed to be productive- whether working onsite or remotely- this hardware is also plug and play. No training is needed and devices can be monitored and managed by IT remotely.

A simple software requirement for supporting hardware at scale

When it comes to video conferencing technology, in addition to hardware, software should also be considered. After all, the right software will ease pressures associated with managing different types of hardware.

Video conferencing device management software like Logitech’s Sync supports hardware and facilitates hybrid workforces. Whether employees are in the office or at home, Sync helps everyone stay connected.

It’s also important to note that Sync provides invaluable insights that show whether specific devices or meeting rooms are online, in need of technical support or a scheduled update. With this kind of insight, problems can be resolved before meetings are impacted.

Easy to deploy, compatible and simple to use, Sync allows for versatile product support and device management at scale. This kind of coverage makes video conferencing technology cost effective.

With Logitech’s modern video conferencing tools, technology can adapt to various room types, helping you achieve ROI. Additionally, by providing the platform for collaboration between remote and in office workers, travel expenditure can be reduced. 

Network bandwidth – the necessary beast to make it all work

When it comes to managing technology infrastructure, the last piece of the puzzle is network bandwidth. Without the correct network bandwidth, video conferencing solutions become harder to manage and user experience becomes glitchy.

As such, a government or council enterprise will need a significant network bandwidth pursuant to their size. This is because, the more participants in the call, the more bandwidth required. With insufficient bandwidth, audio and video will become grainy.

To avoid looking and sounding unprofessional in a video meeting context, Sync comes complete with analytical insights. This tracks how meeting rooms are being used and the number of occupants to provide enterprises with the data needed to optimise bandwidth.

What Logitech offers your organisation

The workplaces of today need modern solutions to combat modern problems. Enter Logitech’s video conferencing technology. Cost effective and secure, Logitech’s product suite makes it easy to manage technology infrastructure in a video conferencing context.

Rather than having multiple devices and excessive cabling that results in operational issues, Logitech’s video conferencing technology and devices are compact and effective. Helping to seamlessly deploy easy to use and highly manageable infrastructure into government and council enterprises.

With features that enable plug and play, these modern devices are supported by management software that makes life easier for employees and IT. By increasing device visibility, issues are fixed quickly before work output can be affected. All of which works to provide assurances to modern workplaces who need these solutions in order to operate effectively and efficiently.

In the high stakes world of government and council work, proper decision making relies on effective and consistent communication. Whether working in the office or remotely, video conferencing technology can facilitate collaboration in a cost effective, simple and secure way, contact us to find your custom solution.

Ibby works with businesses across QLD and NT to accelerate their video readiness. His aim is to replace the traditional challenges that accompany older style technology with confidence, simplicity and innovation through Logitech’s scalable solutions.

With over 15 years of industry experience, he loves finding the best solution within a client’s price range to ensure their workplaces are prepared to connect and interact seamlessly, no matter the location.

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