February 28th, 2022

By Ibrahim Kader


Portable Meeting Rooms: How Video Collaborations Are Changing The Way We Work


In the age of the remote workforce, employees may find themselves working harder, not smarter. This is because many businesses are simply not equipped to facilitate the seemingly overnight transition to remote work.

With many employees operating off legacy systems and sub par technology, meetings become harder. Information is lost in translation and this results in everything from deadlines being missed to the wrong documents being submitted.

Instead of experiencing growing pains during the transition from in office to remote work, every business within the government and council sector should be embracing video conferencing solutions like portable meeting rooms.

As many companies have successfully made the transition to remote work, it seems unlikely that operations will revert back to the traditional business model. This means that businesses need to embrace new ways of communication or risk being left behind.

While change may be daunting, embracing video collaborations and video conferencing systems is not only seamless, but also incredibly beneficial. This is because providing employees with video conferencing tools heightens and improves remote working experiences.

This means that employees are actively being provided with the tools and technology needed to work efficiently and effectively. Highlighting the importance of embracing hybrid workplaces as the new normal in order to seamlessly continue business operations.

How video collaboration transforms remote culture

The workplace has undergone many changes. Its most recent change, in large part to the coronavirus pandemic, has seen employees move towards hybrid or partially remote working models.

While any change is sometimes difficult to grasp, the change to a hybrid working model should be embraced. This is because, when armed with the right technology, a remote workforce is highly beneficial.

For example, video collaboration tools mean that companies can now hire dream candidates that live in different timezones, simply because being able to meet in portable meeting rooms has removed location barriers.

Video collaboration also helps employees to work innovatively. This often results in employees experiencing higher productivity rates and completing work to a higher, more consistent standard.

As video collaboration allows employees to work efficiently and effectively at home, hybrid work models really are the future of the workforce. Therefore, businesses who embrace video conferencing now are better positioned to create an effective and seamless transition.

Like any transition, there are moving parts involved in transitioning to a hybrid workforce. However, this transition can happen with ease when using video conferencing systems and tools.

Adopting a hybrid environment with the help of the Logitech Sync

Take the Logitech Sync for example. As a remote device management tool, the Sync monitors and manages meeting rooms and devices while also providing data insights and alerts should there be connectivity and bug issues or required updates that need installing.

This kind of intelligent and intuitive modern video conferencing device has multiple benefits. A quality product that works straight out of the box, the Sync lets employees work remotely, with confidence.

Furthermore, the effectiveness and ease of use of the Sync means that employees really buy into the new culture of working remotely. Positive attitudes are paramount to employees accepting the new way of work.

Anywhere, anytime

Video conferencing systems and tools are incredibly versatile. In fact, they break down the most common barriers to effective business operations that are prevalent in hybrid working arrangements.

In a council or government working environment where decisions need to be robustly discussed and widely implemented, communication is important. Logitech provides a versatile product suite to assist everything from audio to visuals and everything in between.

In these sectors, around the clock communication is a non negotiable. That’s why any video conferencing solutions that are deployed in this workforce need to be versatile and adaptable, no matter the environment.

Highlighting versatility with the Logitech Brio

When it comes to facilitating anywhere, anytime communication the Logitech Brio shines. Streaming crystal clear video with superb resolution, frame rate, colour and detail, the Brio provides a sense of professionalism to any environment.

The Brio adjusts to moving meeting spaces. Whether your desk is the kitchen or dining table one day and at-home office or spare room the next, the Brio automatically adjusts to any light to highlight its user. While the noise-cancelling mics ensure that background noise isn’t amplified.

The adjustable field of view also means that each video is perfectly framed. Ensuring exceptional streaming quality so that no details are missed. This versatility ensures that workers in a hybrid arrangement are equipped for anything.

No sacrifices

Logitech’s video conferencing systems and tools are also cost effective solutions. This means transitioning a government team or council employees to a hybrid working environment is seamless, efficient and cost effective.

Despite being cost effective, the Logitech product suite has no sacrifices. Whether using the Brio, Sync or even Logitech Rally Bar for simple to use and set up all-in-one video, everything operates at the highest possible quality.

Offering everything from sound and visual optimisation to simplified device management, video conferencing solutions provide workers with the tools needed in order to perform key functions and tasks.

Video conferencing solutions are both cost effective to deploy and maintain. This means that instead of requiring specialists to provide assistance with troubleshooting, solutions like the Sync automatic identify issues and provide in depth diagnostics for quick resolution.

Embracing the new working normal with Logitech

The workforce has fundamentally changed. While some thought that hybrid arrangements were a brief solution to a worldwide problem, hybrid working conditions have quickly become the new normal.

As such, businesses will need to improve inter-team collaboration based in different locations. To make the transition easier and, in the long run, a more effective way to operate, look to video conferencing solutions.

Cost effective and dynamic, video conferencing solutions not only help facilitate the move towards hybrid arrangements, they also ensure that employees possess the tools needed to produce efficient and effective work.

With meetings proving to be a cornerstone of business operations, providing employees with video conferencing solutions will be key to a seamless transition to remote work. Contact a Logitech VC expert today to start your journey towards embracing the new working normal.

Ibby works with businesses across QLD and NT to accelerate their video readiness. His aim is to replace the traditional challenges that accompany older style technology with confidence, simplicity and innovation through Logitech’s scalable solutions.

With over 15 years of industry experience, he loves finding the best solution within a client’s price range to ensure their workplaces are prepared to connect and interact seamlessly, no matter the location.

Ibrahim Kader
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