June 28th, 2022

By Ibrahim Kader


The Benefits of All-In-One Devices and How They Streamline Meeting Room Setup


When it comes to a government and council institutions, high levels of productivity, work output and engagement are paramount to successful operations.

However, achieving these high levels has seemingly been made harder thanks to changing consumer demands and the evolving nature of the workplace. In the wake of a spread out workforce and changing consumer needs, government and councils may be struggling. 

Rather than letting a gulf emerge between public sector workers and also with customers, equipping meeting rooms with video conferencing technology, and streamlining this setup with all-in-one devices, proves a viable solution. 

What’s involved in traditional meeting room setup 

Meeting rooms have become integral pieces of business real estate in the current workplace operating environment. However, setting up such a space with the necessary equipment is quite an involved process.

Room configuration 

In an office, there may be many meeting spaces. For example, a local council building may have four. One is a huddle space, two are large rooms while the final space is a small area. As such, the deployed solution will need to be flexible enough to service each area.

Video displays 

Once room configuration is taken into account, it is time to consider the display that will form the centre of the room. Firstly, the size of the screen. Secondly, the type of display- LCD, LED or a projector. Finally, the ideal mounting height should also be taken into consideration. 

Video conferencing tech 

There are currently different options on the market when it comes to video conferencing platforms. The options to choose from include Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. This means meeting room equipment will have to be compatible with such platforms. 


The right camera aids one of the most important aspects of a meeting- being able to see meeting attendees and the shared data. However, installing the right camera will be obsolete if other functions in the room are incorrect such as lack of blinds or poor light placement.

Speakers and microphones 

Video conferencing equipment that aids the transmission of audio is key. When choosing speakers and microphones, think about the quantity and their position in the room. Should a microphone be on the table, or, would a mounted sound-bar be the better choice? 

Control panel 

The finishing touch for meeting rooms is a control panel. Such technology makes it easier to both organise and attend meetings thanks to calendar and email integrations. Additionally, control panels aid the user experience by facilitating single click functions. 

The benefits of streamlining meeting room setup with all-in-one devices 

Meeting rooms lay the foundation for a government office to operate efficiently and effectively in this new business environment. With this in mind, it makes sense that a business should want to deploy a meeting room setup quickly and with ease.

That’s where all-in-one devices come in. Take an all-in-one video bar like Logitech Rally Bar for example. Combining a dual-camera system with room-filling audio, Rally Bar can be deployed seamlessly instead of many different devices. 

An all-in-one device works to streamline deployment, while also providing a host of other operational benefits. Providing a government and council organisations with the meeting room infrastructure needed to effectively function in today’s business operating climate. 

Syncing across rooms and devices as part of remote team management optimisation

One of the main benefits of all-in-one devices is the fact that they are easy to manage. Especially when used in conjunction with video conferencing device management software like Logitech’s Sync. 

Providing management at scale, Sync can facilitate the remote pushing of firmware updates to meeting room devices. As well as deploying upgrades, problems can also be diagnosed at a distance, ensuring that issues can be resolved before they impact a meeting. 

By ensuring that meeting rooms and the associated devices are up and running, work output is improved. This is because, by being able to meet with fellow workers or with clients, employees have access to everything they need in order to meet their work obligations. 

Scalability of team management 

Within each government building are multiple meeting rooms and room configurations. Rather than deploying video conferencing equipment that can comfortably service only large rooms, businesses need flexible solutions. 

That’s why Logitech works with businesses to ensure that every space, adoption style and preferred user experience is accounted for. Take the Swytch for example, this multiport connectivity tool links laptops with room displays to ensure users can conduct a meeting on their terms. Improving user experience and maximising the use of meeting room real estate.

Receiving insights on how your team are using video meeting rooms and devices

Another benefit of all-in-one devices, is, when used with equipment such as Sync, businesses can gain key business insights. This is because Sync has the power to collect data on how people use meeting rooms and devices. 

This insight into time spent in meetings, the number of participants and the presence of any technical issues provides the leadership team with unparalleled insight. Learnings which help provide leaders with actionable outcomes to execute in order to optimise productivity and resources.

Security considerations of using remote management video conferencing tools

While using remote management video conferencing tools aids meetings with clients and meetings between remote and on-site workers, there are other elements to consider. Namely, security.

In a government context, where employees deal with confidential information pertaining to specific cases or clients, security is paramount. That’s why Sync employs end-to-end encryption. Additionally, Sync never collects nor transmits audio, video or shared content. 

While Sync employs processes to keep meeting data private and secure, employees should also be aware of video conferencing security tips. This simply means adding meeting passwords, enforcing meeting start rights and locking the meeting once all attendees have arrived.

What Logitech offers your organisation 

As workplaces have transitioned into modern enterprises over the course of the last few years, businesses have had to deal with many changes. Firstly, the fact that employees are now working remotely, in the office or under hybrid arrangements.

Businesses have also had to deal with changing consumer needs. Thanks to technology, customers want to meet with service providers virtually, seamlessly and quickly. In an attempt to adapt to these changes, meeting rooms have become vital.

Rather than installing multiple technologies into meeting rooms in order to deal with these changes, Logitech offers a more streamlined approach- all-in-one devices. Optimising the user experience and providing managers with key insights, both productivity and engagement improves.

Ibby works with businesses across QLD and NT to accelerate their video readiness. His aim is to replace the traditional challenges that accompany older style technology with confidence, simplicity and innovation through Logitech’s scalable solutions.

With over 15 years of industry experience, he loves finding the best solution within a client’s price range to ensure their workplaces are prepared to connect and interact seamlessly, no matter the location.

Ibrahim Kader
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