June 28th, 2022

By Ibrahim Kader


The Reasons Why Dedicated Meeting Room Setups are Invaluable to Organisations and Internal Communication


The business operating landscape has undergone major changes in recent times. Internally, employees may be working solely in the office or under a hybrid or even remote operating arrangement. 

Externally, key stakeholders such as investors, suppliers and customers expect companies to facilitate the need for virtual, seamless communications. Time is valuable and a company must be willing and able to meet these parties on their terms. 

However, conforming to such internal and external changes means that businesses must adopt and adapt. Otherwise, communication between staff will be fractured. Additionally, customers might look to take their business elsewhere.

The best way to adapt is by creating dedicated meeting room spaces. Improving everything from productivity and output to engagement levels, dedicated meeting room setups help ensure that government and council employees can fulfil the needs and wants of constituents and staff.

What does it meant to have a dedicated meeting room setup 

For a government organisation, having a dedicated meeting room setup essentially means having an optimised meeting space. This requires a smart, well-thought setup that takes into account everything from video conferencing technology to natural room elements. 

A dedicated meeting room setup is vital for modern day professional environments as such an area makes it easier for remote people to connect. Perhaps more importantly, a dedicated set up makes remote meetings more productive. 

In order to set up a dedicated meeting room, it’s vital to have a connected television or display and a video conferencing system as well as equipment such as cameras, speakers and microphones. 

With the meeting room now the designated space for connecting with a vast range of individuals ranging from customers to colleagues, meeting infrastructure needs to be optimised. 

Equipment such as Logitech’s Rally Camera is a key component when it comes to deploying a dedicated meeting room setup. As an ultra-HD imaging system with automatic camera control, Rally Camera helps elevate the meeting room.

This is because, by providing studio-quality video, meeting attendees can always see the presented information. A factor that goes a long way to improving engagement. Known for its ease of use and reliability, Rally Camera also makes content delivery simple and seamless.

It’s also worth noting that an organisation might have multiple meeting rooms. As such, elements of configuration will need to be accounted for. To enhance usability, ideally, the video conferencing solutions will be flexible enough to accommodate different size rooms. 

Benefits of a dedicated meeting room

In the modern working environment, dedicated meeting room setups are paramount. Importantly, when deploying the right meeting room solutions, the transition can be timely and cost effective. 

The benefits don’t stop there. It’s important to note that a dedicated meeting room has benefits that will impact every facet of the business. All of which works to improve productivity, operational outcomes and customer service. 

Empower end-user productivity and meeting success

Meetings account for a large portion of a worker’s day. When meeting infrastructure isn’t optimised or is set up poorly, there is the potential for the meeting to take even longer. Diminishing engagement levels and negatively impacting worker productivity. 

With an under-optimised meeting room, visual and audio data is often poorly collected and received. This makes it hard for those attending the meeting to engage with the information presented. 

By deploying dedicated meeting room setups, engagement levels actually increase. Take a product like Logitech Scribe for example. When deployed in a dedicated, optimised meeting room, Scribe presents perfect views to every meeting attendant

A whiteboard camera for VC rooms, Scribe works to enhance the presentation of content so that information is clear to everyone. Such access allows for employee engagement and as a result, empowers end-user productivity. Importantly, Scribe is also simple to use and manage. 

Creating an effective hybrid working environment 

With a dedicated meeting room setup that features such immersive tools, the government can also bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers. This is because video conferencing solutions can offer remote workers a seat at the table.

Portraying crystal clear audio and video, every meeting attendee is presented with equal opportunities. By providing a platform for a geographically separated workforce to meet, in person, the working experience is seamless.

This sense of seamlessness has two benefits. Firstly, the human connection can be maintained. Secondly, with everyone listening to and obtaining the same information, workers are still on the same page. Something that benefits project outcomes and customer service. 

What Logitech offers your organisation 

In the wake of the enthusiastic adoption of remote and hybrid working alternatives, it’s safe to assume that such arrangements are here to stay. 

While creating an effective hybrid working arrangement sounds daunting, it’s as simple as deploying dedicated meeting room setups. Complete with video conferencing solutions, these setups act not only as dedicated meeting rooms, but also optimised meeting rooms.

As such, these spaces can now be used to bridge the gap between in-office and remote workers. Equipped with the right tools, a dedicated space facilitates efficient and effective meetings. Meetings where technology doesn’t hamper log ons or the sharing of information.

In this new operating environment, such a space is vital to productive operations. Importantly, optimised meeting rooms also function as a space to meet with clients who are increasingly demanding virtual means of communication. 

All of which highlights the need for government and council employees to embrace the future and contact a Logitech sales executive. This way, we can help find the solution that matches your firm’s unique meeting room needs and wants.

Ibby works with businesses across QLD and NT to accelerate their video readiness. His aim is to replace the traditional challenges that accompany older style technology with confidence, simplicity and innovation through Logitech’s scalable solutions.

With over 15 years of industry experience, he loves finding the best solution within a client’s price range to ensure their workplaces are prepared to connect and interact seamlessly, no matter the location.

Ibrahim Kader
Enterprise Business Development Manager - QLD | NT

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