February 27th, 2022

By Brad Papotto


The Ways Video Conferencing Streamlines and Encourages Productive Meeting Experiences

Energy & Mining

The business world is changing and there is no greater example of this than the notion of hybrid working environments. Essentially allowing employees to work from wherever they choose – be it at home or in-office -, hybrid arrangements are game changers.

Widely adopted, hybrid environments come with a range of benefits. However, this type of working arrangement can place pressure on an organisation, turning an ideal opportunity to transcend common workplace barriers into a veritable nightmare.

For some, under hybrid arrangements communication becomes scattered. There is no consistency in terms of the working platforms used. Above all else, the simple task of conducting meetings turns into an uphill battle.

However, a company within the mining, energy and resources sector can successfully facilitate the change to hybrid work. By using video conferencing solutions, virtually every facet of the business is streamlined, resulting in productivity increases across the board.

By providing mining, energy and resource employees with video conferencing tools and therefore, consistent communications, the user experience improves. This allows employees, whether they are on site, in the office or at home, to work efficiently and effectively.

Managing the room

When it comes to business, arguably one of the most influential and important places is the meeting room. A space where employees can come together to collaborate on projects, debate critical work and pitch to new companies, meeting rooms are essential.

However, hybrid arrangements have turned the idea of traditional meeting rooms on their head. There is the perception that meeting rooms become hard to manage and virtually impossible to operate in. As a direct result, communication between employees suffers.

Employing video conferencing solutions means that meeting rooms can remain productive zones, even in a hybrid setting. With the ability to provide appropriate solutions and also proactively manage these solutions, video conferencing tools facilitate hybrid work.

Video conferencing tools like the Logitech Sync and Rally Bar manage room analytics so that company leaders can make the most of meeting rooms. As the Rally Bar captures body shapes within the room, it records how many people are in the room at a time.

Sync can capture key statistics such as how many people are invited to meetings on average, if employees attend external meetings and how many workers participate in weekly roundups, as well as the number of ‘ghost’ meetings (meetings where no one attends).

This unique insight into meeting rooms provides the information required to manage meeting rooms. By providing business leaders with the data needed in order to optimise meeting time and improve content covered in meetings, operational efficiencies increase.

Looking beyond the meeting room

Employing video conferencing tools in a mining, energy and resources company has far-reaching effects. This is because, on one level, video conferencing helps IT and team leaders manage meeting rooms.

On another level, video conferencing solutions offer unique business insights. There is a certain level of data and analytics integration in video conferencing. On one level, this means that a company can track how and when meeting rooms are used.

It also means that companies can look at the broader picture and not just how meeting rooms influence participants. This broad and yet in-depth look into how company infrastructure is used helps an organisation optimise all their assets.

For example, if meeting room data identifies an under-utilised or over-crowded room, it essentially provides managers with real estate insights. If a room is being under-used, perhaps the meeting space can be transformed into more office cubicles.

In essence, the data and insights afforded through video conferencing solutions helps a business use their assets – be it real estate or tech – to their full potential, which could assist with converting under-utilised large conference rooms into numerous huddle rooms or a mid-sized space.

Fostering productivity

Utilising video conferencing solutions streamlines virtually every activity that a hybrid workforce might engage in. The meeting room insights, coupled with the consistent nature of the technology used throughout the organisation, inherently fosters productivity.

Being able to deliver the same experience in every meeting space simplifies previously stressful workplace experiences. With less time spent on searching for a cable that is compatible with both the room’s tech and their laptop, employees have more time to work.

By delivering the same results in different rooms, IT professionals also benefit. This is because video conferencing tools like the Logitech Sync provide proactive alerts and in-depth diagnostics that help IT workers troubleshoot products and minimise downtime.

Video conferencing tools, while incredibly beneficial in brick and mortar offices, can also facilitate a change to an increasingly popular, alternative working environment known as ‘hybrid arrangements’.

In fact, video conferencing solutions effectively bridge the divide between in-office and remote workers. With tools like the Logitech Brio, employees can look and sound professional in any environment.

This kind of technology ensures that remote and in-office workers can always connect and collaborate. By utilising the same platforms, remote and office workers can communicate more effectively, which in turn increases productivity.

The technological joys of video conferencing

While video conferencing may involve a lot of technical aspects, the principles are quite straightforward: simplifying the working experiences for workers, managers and IT leaders – no matter if they’re situated in-office or remotely – so that productivity can flourish.

Simplifying the working experience takes smart solutions. In fact, it requires solutions that can understand and account for the back and forth nature and art of conversation. High performing video conferencing solutions do just that.

Combining intelligent software and sophisticated hardware design, the Bar and Rally Bar Mini ensure that workers, whether they are moving around or sitting in place, are perfectly framed and streamed crystal clear so that no audio or visuals are missed.

This means that meeting participants, whether in the room or dialing in remotely, are given equal time and consideration. By bridging the gap between remote and office workers, video conferencing solutions ensure that everyone is receiving the same information.

It’s worth noting that video conferencing solutions are also incredibly easy to use. By simplifying the meeting room experience and facilitating actions like one-touch join, each aspect of the meeting room is streamlined, allowing for increased employee productivity.

What Logitech offers your organisation

In the age of the hybrid workforce, a business needs every operational advantage they can get their hands on in order to remain competitive in an ever-changing work environment.

Video conferencing is an immense advantage. Simultaneously streamlining operations, connecting geographically-scattered employees and providing unique business insights, video conferencing tools always work hard for your business.

To improve the experience of employees within your mining, energy and resources business and lay the foundation for sustained success, choose video conferencing. Contact a Logitech sales expert to begin your journey towards streamlined meeting experiences.

Brad works with businesses across Western Australia and South Australia to enable them to future proof with Logitech Solutions. He prides himself on genuinely understanding not only the business outcome, but what his client’s perfect meeting experience looks like. Not only for the people in the room, but those furthest from it, so he can tailor a solution which increases engagement and provides value to all.

With 20 years of experience, Brad loves the outcome of helping people embrace video collaboration technology and the innovation, productivity, diversity and connection it can consistently deliver in a simple way regardless of location.

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