February 27th, 2022

By Brad Papotto


What An Optimised And Well-Equipped Meeting Room Environment Offers Your Organisation

Energy & Mining

In a workplace environment, there is no space more important than the meeting room. This is because the meeting room plays host to everything from important conversations with clients to colleagues getting together and collaborating.

Each activity that takes place within the meeting room is business-critical work. That’s why it’s so important to have an optimised and well-equipped meeting room environment. Yet, the introduction of hybrid work has seemingly made meeting rooms a topic of contention.

Contrary to what some might say, meeting rooms really are more important than ever before. With employees split between working from home and working in-office, optimised – rather than standard – meeting rooms provide a way to bridge the gap.

By having optimised and well-equipped meeting rooms, colleagues can communicate efficiently and effectively. As the right meeting room can facilitate high quality and productive interactions, the gap between in-office and remote workers is rendered obsolete.

In order to cultivate truly beneficial meeting room spaces, mining, energy and resource companies need video conferencing. Benefiting workers and eliminating common tech related negatives, video conferencing can bridge the divide between in-office and remote workers.

Most importantly, video conferencing solutions also provide the platform for a mining, energy and resources business to enjoy sustained success in this new workplace operating environment.

Negatives associated with standard meeting rooms

When hosting meetings in standard meeting rooms, employees, managers and IT leaders alike face common problems with the associated technology and environment. These problems can truly cast the meeting room experience in a negative light.

Poor quality equipment

Suboptimal equipment greatly impacts a meeting. This is because poor audio or visual quality makes it hard for attendees to watch video or display their presentations. This in turn impacts how much information is shared, which ultimately affects productivity rates.

Lack of engagement and focus from workers in the room

Standard meeting rooms also have design issues. This may mean that the display is only visible to those in certain seats or areas of the meeting room. It may even mean that there aren’t enough seats for every attendee. This makes engaging and focusing an uphill task.

Technical issues

By featuring poor quality equipment, standard meeting rooms are more likely to experience technical issues. These issues can appear in a variety of different ways, from employees being unable to connect to the display, to audio and visuals being out of tune.

Lack of flexible technology

In a meeting room, there are a variety of different attendees and, as such, the room needs to accommodate each person. This could mean facilitating the use of particular hosting platforms or devices. If the room isn’t flexible, some won’t be able to connect or present.

Time spent on setting up

When it comes to pain points with standard meeting rooms, time spent on setting up is a large issue. By implementing sub-optimal tech, simple tasks like turning on the display becomes hard. Which, in turn, minimises productivity and increases employee stress.

Benefits of an optimised meeting room environment

Able to facilitate communication between in-office and remote employees, video conferencing solutions truly optimise meeting room environments. This ensures that everyone, including IT leaders, employees and managers, have the tools necessary to do their job.

Enhancing employee experience

An optimised meeting room equipped with video conferencing solutions enhances the employee experience. Complete with Logitech RightSense, optimised Logitech meeting room technology is easy and automatic and everything from sight, sound and light is optimised.

This clarity means that employees in the mining, energy and resources sector always have an immersive and consistent space where they can collaborate and view site plans and other important files and documents, meaningfully and with ease.

Simplifying technical support

An optimised meeting room removes all barriers to instantaneous, round the clock support. With a tool like the Logitech Sync, room status and device management can be viewed and conducted in real time, ensuring that the meeting room tech is always ready to use.

As Sync enables remote updates of software and firmware, IT leaders can remotely fix issues without physically having to travel to an employee. Offering support to employees, whether they are in-office, on site or at home, saves time and increases productivity.

Easy, straightforward set-ups

Optimised meeting rooms put user experience at the forefront. By installing technology that is plug and play, meetings begin, progress and end faster. This makes meeting time within the mining and energy industry more productive and fluid, while also allowing for spontaneous meetings to take place with ease.

Video conferencing truly simplifies and optimises operations. Operations are simplified as these solutions are initiated at the touch of a button. Additionally, as video bars and room controllers are wall mounted, cabling is reduced, making the space safe and optimised.

Flexible access

Those within the mining, energy and resources sector are seldom at the same place at the same time, making it hard to unify communications. However, with optimised meeting rooms, on site, in-office and remote workers can access communication channels.

Flexible access also means that employees can launch video conferencing tools from a range of devices. With the Logitech Swytch, for example, employees aren’t limited and can therefore use their own devices and preferred video service to host a meeting.

Utilising space/efficient management

When a business optimises their meeting rooms, they are effectively utilising their real estate. By turning small spaces into huddle rooms and large spaces into meeting rooms, and using consistent technology, mining and energy employees no longer have favourite meeting rooms.

In addition, by employing consistent video conferencing solutions, you can ensure that your real estate can also be optimised as these tools can show employees when rooms are booked or vacant. This insight ultimately results in better planning and increased productivity.

Content sharing

An optimised meeting room environment makes content sharing easy. As everyone has access to the same video conferencing tools, there is a consistency to collaboration. The ease of meeting also means that both small and large topics can be discussed.

Optimised meeting rooms create an environment where employees can come together, whether it’s over Google Meet or Microsoft Teams. Meaning that location barriers never get in the way of workers’ inherent need to consistently communicate and collaborate.

What Logitech offers your organisation

In the mining, energy and resources sector, the ability to optimise internal operations is paramount. This way, employees can focus on delivering external outcomes, whether they are on-site, in the office, or working from home.

One way to optimise internal operations is through enhancing the meeting room experience. By taking the time to provide a consistent user experience, whether the room is large, medium or a humble huddle space, organisations can enjoy many benefits.

With the help of video conferencing, optimised meeting rooms ensure that communicating with fellow coworkers is as easy as touching a button. Importantly, optimised meeting rooms also provide a way for in-office, on site and remote workers to seamlessly connect.

The consistent collaboration provided by video conferencing solutions increases productivity, helps optimise assets and above all else, helps a mining, energy and resources business remain competitive in a workplace landscape where flexibility is king.

To help drive change and remain competitive in an ever changing working environment, video conferencing is a future-proof investment. Contact a Logitech sales representative today to foster a more productive and cohesive working environment for your business.

Brad works with businesses across Western Australia and South Australia to enable them to future proof with Logitech Solutions. He prides himself on genuinely understanding not only the business outcome, but what his client’s perfect meeting experience looks like. Not only for the people in the room, but those furthest from it, so he can tailor a solution which increases engagement and provides value to all.

With 20 years of experience, Brad loves the outcome of helping people embrace video collaboration technology and the innovation, productivity, diversity and connection it can consistently deliver in a simple way regardless of location.

Brad Papotto
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