June 14th, 2022

By Brad Papotto


Why Alignment Between your Video Conferencing Products and the Right Software is Crucial

Energy & Mining

When it comes to facilitating seamless and efficient video conferencing in a mining, energy and resources working environment, alignment is key. This is because, without the proper alignment, there can be no consistency or engagement in video meetings. 

As such, communication between colleagues suffers and in turn, relations with stakeholders, clients and customers will be negatively impacted. All of which significantly hinders operations. 

Rather than operating with a disconnected and disengaged workforce, there is a solution. By aligning video conferencing products with the right software, everything from productivity to end-user engagement and collaboration increases. 

The right alignment can positively impact virtually every facet of the business. IT is given the tools needed to effectively manage a company’s tech. The gap between remote and in-office workers is bridged. Importantly, overall, the business becomes more efficient and effective.

In the current climate where individuals have grown accustomed to flexible, instantaneous communication, being able to facilitate such demands undoubtedly gives businesses a competitive advantage. 

The benefits of a well aligned video conferencing solution

In an age where video conferencing has become vital to everyday, professional workplace operations, companies must have a robust solution. By aligning this solution with the right software, the use of all video conferencing features is facilitated.

Additionally, this alignment has broader business benefits. With video conferencing solutions, set up, use and support is seamless. Better still, video conferencing solutions are cost effective. This means they simultaneously add value to the business and reduce costs. 

Provides inclusive meeting experience and maximised engagement 

When it comes to meeting room infrastructure, consideration needs to be given to each meeting room. This is because, within every business there are different size meeting rooms ranging from large and medium spaces to huddle areas. 

Equipping each space with the same meeting room infrastructure can work to undermine the success of the space. With this in mind, it’s important to match the right video conferencing technology with your space. 

By doing so, you can create equally efficient and effective huddle rooms, medium and large meeting spaces. With each space fitted with infrastructure that helps to increase sound and visual quality, each piece of meeting room real estate within a business is optimised. 

Take Logitech’s Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini as an example. Complete with advanced audio engineering, Rally Bar delivers powerful, room-filling sound to medium and large rooms. Ensuring that all parties to the meeting room can clearly hear proceedings. 

The Rally Bar Mini works to provide this level of professional quality video and audio for small meeting rooms and huddle spaces. This way, noise levels can be regulated to ensure that nothing sounds too soft or overpowering in smaller meeting spaces. 

Whether meeting in a small or large room, participants are always provided with an inclusive experience. Importantly, this experience keeps users engaged and connected throughout the meeting, whether the hosting platform is Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. 

Achieve consistent ease of use for a software of your choice

Further to the previous point, Logitech video conferencing products are compatible with a range of different software platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Zoom. This compatibility ensures that no matter what meeting room or platform you use, operations are simple. 

This means that meeting room users can seamlessly join or host a meeting on any platform. Being able to start, join or end a meeting at the touch of a button helps to optimise operations. By getting down to business, meetings are finished quicker which improves productivity. 

As different software platforms are integrated in Logitech’s video conferencing products, there are no barriers to meetings with remote workers, site workers or other key stakeholders such as suppliers or clients. 

By providing flexible solutions across the board, employees can shift their focus to completing tasks without having to worry about connection issues. This helps promote engagement levels, ensuring that every meeting is productive. 

Keep your maintenance costs at bay 

While video conferencing products paired with the right software undoubtedly improve business operations, there are also financial factors to consider. When compared with legacy systems, video conferencing solutions are more efficient in terms of both cost and time. 

Take a product like Logitech’s Sync as an example. This cost effective video conferencing device management software is an all-in-one solution. Integrating both software and hardware, Sync allows for video conferencing devices to be deployed, managed and supported, at scale. 

As such, Sync can support work from anywhere. By providing unparalleled device visibility, issues can be managed and updates can be deployed automatically and remotely without interrupting the completion of business critical work. 

The ability to recognise and diagnose problems at a distance makes tech support seamless. Whether employees are on site, working from home or operating under a remote arrangement, they have access to working, updated tools for communication and collaboration. Whereas legacy systems feature out of date tech that cannot be upgraded. 

Facilitate all video conferencing features with all-in-one solutions

Modern day video conferencing is much more than taking a call or having a virtual meeting. Nowadays, an array of different features need to be enabled and easily accessible. These features range from screen sharing and recording to file-sharing and real-time chat. 

Mining, energy and resources companies, with alignment between video conferencing products and the right software, can facilitate such features. This is because Logitech’s products are an all-in-one solution, letting you use the platform and features of your choice.

Scale your enterprise as the need evolves 

Transitioning towards a well aligned video conferencing and software strategy has internal and external benefits for a mining, energy and resources business. By laying the foundation for efficient and effective meetings to take place, enterprise goals can be achieved. 

Facilitating communication between in-office and remote workers and also meetings on different platforms, the right alignment also benefits enterprise goals. By providing seamless means of communication, collaboration, engagement, consistency and growth is supported. 

Along with an inherent compatibility to meeting rooms of varying shapes and sizes and the ability to utilise different platforms, aligned video conferencing tools have the added benefit of being future proof.

This means that as your mining, energy and resources business evolves and adapts to meet current market trends or configurations, your video conferencing solutions can also grow with you. Laying the foundation needed in order to be competitive in this industry.

Brad works with businesses across Western Australia and South Australia to enable them to future proof with Logitech Solutions. He prides himself on genuinely understanding not only the business outcome, but what his client’s perfect meeting experience looks like. Not only for the people in the room, but those furthest from it, so he can tailor a solution which increases engagement and provides value to all.

With 20 years of experience, Brad loves the outcome of helping people embrace video collaboration technology and the innovation, productivity, diversity and connection it can consistently deliver in a simple way regardless of location.

Brad Papotto
Enterprise business development manager - WA | SA

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