June 14th, 2022

By Brad Papotto


Why Simplifying your Video Conferencing is Important and How Logitech Video Conferencing Helps

Energy & Mining

In the mining, energy and resources sector, meetings need to be robust. With employees situated both on site and in the office, it’s important to remain on the same page in order to meet project deliverables. 

Today, with the rise of the contemporary workplace, where employees can now work from home under a remote or flexible arrangement, the strength of meeting room infrastructure has never been more important. 

As meetings will now act as the hub of communications for a widely spread workforce, there will need to be a level of consistency and simplicity to meeting room technology. This way, engagement levels can be kept high. 

While legacy meeting room systems such as CISCO are prevalent throughout the industry, there is real value in moving away from legacy systems. By making the transition, a mining, energy and resources business can enjoy simple, consistent video conferencing solutions.

With inherent benefits ranging from scalability to compatibility, simplified video conferencing tools provide the foundation businesses need in order to compete and excel both today and in the future. 

Why there is a problem with traditional, legacy video conferencing systems

It’s hard to believe, but there was once a time where businesses only needed to use meeting rooms and the associated infrastructure a few times a week. Now, for a business to operate effectively in modern times, meeting rooms are used multiple times a day. 

While the need for and purpose of meeting rooms has evolved, legacy systems have not necessarily adapted. As such, organisations still using legacy systems are confronted with issues every time they attempt to launch or join a meeting. 

Legacy systems are outdated

Legacy systems are synonymous for featuring out-of-date technology. By continuing to invest in outdated technology, an array of different problems also materialise. All of which works together to diminish a company’s reputation and the productivity of employees. 

Users commonly experience difficulties

As legacy video conferencing systems are outdated, meetings will be characterised by technical difficulties. These difficulties might require another download to fix or they may be unable to be fixed.

As such, meetings will consist of issues ranging from connection delays to poor quality visuals and audio. This in turn results in increased calls to IT and valuable working minutes wasted while attempts at troubleshooting are made. 

Expensive initial and ongoing costs 

Such legacy systems are also quite costly. There is not only the initial cost to consider, but also the cost of ongoing maintenance. In terms of the initial cost, an entry-level solution from CISCO can cost around $30,000 to deploy. 

It’s also important to consider that the older legacy systems become, the harder and more costly it will be to find maintenance workers and replacement parts. As such, a business may have to hire a dedicated IT team in order to manage the technical support. 

Future proofing is non existent 

Finally, with legacy systems displaying limited opportunities to be updated and therefore, improved, there will always come a time when an organisation needs to replace such a system. Otherwise, a business will risk falling behind competitors and losing customers. 

The benefits of choosing a simplified video conferencing solution

When compared to legacy systems, simplified video conferencing solutions are innovative, flexible and cheaper. With the ability to scale to suit demands, modern video conferencing tools can be trusted to lay the foundation for a seamless meeting experience. 


One of the main benefits of simplified solutions is the fact that they are consistently consistent. This means that these products can always be trusted to turn on and turn off at the touch of the right button. 

By spreading simplified meeting infrastructure throughout the organisation, there is also a consistency in use as well. This helps staff become familiar with the technology, which in turn, helps staff action commands quicker and more effectively. Resulting in increased productivity. 

Easy to deploy, monitor and maintain

While legacy systems cost a lot- in terms of time and money- to maintain, simplified solutions are easy to deploy, monitor and maintain. This is because simplified video conferencing tools work out of the box. 

Once set up, these tools can provide insights known as meeting room analytics. Such data allows a mining, energy and resources company to look at everything from the overall diversity of meeting room participants to how the meeting room is being used. 

By being able to extrapolate insights immediately, this data can be used to help organisations make key decisions around company real estate. The ability to see which meeting rooms are being used also offers companies insights into how employees are spending their day. 

A quality experience

When it comes to simplified video conferencing solutions, there is no value lost, only value added. With modern video conferencing tools, the user experience has never been more professional or seamless

By providing a quality experience in terms of both audio transmission and visual display, key data can be easily shared between employees. When holding a stakeholder meeting, such a high quality meeting helps show clients what a professional and efficient organisation you are.

Manageable support

In direct contrast to legacy systems, more simplified solutions are inherently easier to service. With the ability through Logitech Sync to gain meeting room analytics and device insights, IT can proactively manage meeting rooms and the associated devices. 

The ability to provide device management at scale ensures that devices can be efficiently configured, updated and remotely fixed should an issue arise. This means that IT is always on the front foot. 

As such, this ability to act quickly greatly benefits the organisation. Firstly, employees are always handling up to date devices. Secondly, any issues that need attention can be solved before they impact a meeting. Finally, less calls to IT means that meetings can run smoothly.

Make the switch to increase productivity for your enterprise 

While it may seem like a big transition to move away from legacy systems, the facts are undeniable, simplified solutions result in better experiences across the board. This means that one change can benefit everyone, from employees and IT to stakeholders and clients. 

These benefits are the result of the consistency, simplicity and flexibility of no-fuss meeting room solutions. Take Logitech’s product suite of simplified video conferencing solutions as an example. 

Rally Bar Mini, a premier all-in-one video bar for small to medium rooms, is not only easy to deploy, but easy to use. This means that mining, energy and resources employees can walk into any of the meeting rooms equipped with Rally Bar Mini and seamlessly operate the tech.

Not only do simplified products work at the touch of a button, they are also compatible with any platform, be it Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet. Facilitating one-touch join, calendar integration and easy content-sharing, Logitech’s Tap helps organisations be flexible.

By deploying flexible tech such as Tap within a mining, energy and resources business, in-office employees can easily meet with their remote counterparts. Importantly, the organisation can facilitate a meeting on clients’ terms, whatever their preferred platform is.

Powered by RightSense technologies such as RightSight, RightLight and RightSound, Logitech’s simplified video conferencing solutions also ensure an exceptional meeting room experience

This proactive technology enhances conversational clarity, provides optimally pictured visuals and offers light and colour optimisation. All of which works to ensure that your organisation is always putting their best foot forward, whether the meeting is with internal or external figures.

Powering efficient operations in a contemporary work environment

When video conferencing first started being used in business, employees were looking for ways to virtually meet or conduct phone calls. In the modern day, these needs have become more robust. 

Now, companies must use video conferencing as a means to bridge the gap between remote and in-office workers and as a platform to meet with key stakeholders, suppliers, customers and clients. 

While legacy systems were once serviceable, continuing to use such technology will put your company at a disadvantage. Where companies who embrace simplified solutions can be flexible, a company that uses legacy systems is rigid. 

This inability to enable flexibility means that virtually every facet of the business suffers. There can be no consistency to meetings, let alone communications. Operations are overly complex and methods of support are time consuming and costly.

By transitioning away from such systems, you are embracing the future. The deployment of simplified video conferencing solutions will help power efficient operations today and into the future. Resulting in a competitive and productive mining, energy and resources business.

Brad works with businesses across Western Australia and South Australia to enable them to future proof with Logitech Solutions. He prides himself on genuinely understanding not only the business outcome, but what his client’s perfect meeting experience looks like. Not only for the people in the room, but those furthest from it, so he can tailor a solution which increases engagement and provides value to all.

With 20 years of experience, Brad loves the outcome of helping people embrace video collaboration technology and the innovation, productivity, diversity and connection it can consistently deliver in a simple way regardless of location.

Brad Papotto
Enterprise business development manager - WA | SA

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