February 26th, 2022

By Matthew Watts


How Video Conferencing Fosters Consistency For Communication in Professional Services

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For workers in the professional services industry, communication is key. Otherwise, business critical information is handled incorrectly, or slips through the cracks. This kind of breakdown in communication can have ramifications for all key stakeholders. 

Yet, effective communication in the hybrid working environment is seemingly more difficult than ever before. With employees and managerial staff working under different arrangements and time zones, there is no consistent communication. 

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, when utilising video conferencing solutions, professional services workers can find themselves communicating more efficiently and effectively. All thanks to the consistency that certified solutions provide. 

Whether employees are in the office or working at home, video conferencing removes common barriers to consistency in communication. This subsequently helps professional services workers operate efficiently and effectively in these modern times. 

Why can consistency be complicated?

The working environment is changing. Employees expect to be able to work in the office and at home. If their current organisation isn’t accommodating, they will simply move on to the next job. This is how much the workplace dynamic has changed in the last few years. 

Yet, this demand for remote work on a large scale has serious impacts on consistent communication. Because, without the proper tools in place, employees go home and work on different systems than they do at work, causing a communication chasm. 

When you consider the hybrid working environment and all the associated moving parts, it isn’t hard to see why the notion of consistency becomes an issue. Without optimised and centralised meeting places and technology, the user experience is different for everyone. 

Under-optimised meeting rooms 

Meeting rooms are the beating hearts of organisations. Oftentimes, meeting room spaces are used to discuss both short and long term business critical work. They are also a place where employees and managers gather to collaborate. 

Under-optimised and under-equipped meeting rooms hinder consistent communication. When there is no space or tech in the meeting room to facilitate communication, office workers receive one message while remote workers receive part of, or no message at all.

Cross-context differences

Another barrier to consistent communication in hybrid working arrangements is cross-context differences. This in essence means that in-office workers are utilising different technology to those working from home. 

By not equipping remote workers with the same tools, achieving consistent communication becomes an uphill battle. This is because different tools equals different communication practices. 

This means that employees could be working on platforms in-office that either don’t support remote work or cannot be accessed remotely. When employees are not given access to the same platforms there can be no consistency in communication. 

Sub-optimal technology

Disseminating uncertified and therefore uncertain technology throughout a hybrid organisation is also a barrier to communication consistency. It simply isn’t enough to equip workers with sub-optimal and uncertified headphones, microphones and webcams. 

Therefore, workers need certified solutions. This way, tech support and visibility is increased, meaning that workers will never be stuck at home, unable to communicate with colleagues or unable to participate in meetings because their webcam won’t turn on.

Certified products provide employees with the tools needed to communicate- whether in-office or at home. Bridging the gap in a hybrid environment, certified products remove risks associated with sub-optimal technology like bad audio or device compatibility failings.

How do you achieve consistent communication?

Under a hybrid arrangement, it can initially seem like there are endless barriers to achieving consistency for communication. Whether dealing with under-optimised meeting rooms, cross-context differences or sub-optimal technology, there are many issues to overcome.

All of these issues can be countered through the use of certified video conferencing solutions. These tools provide a level of certainty, bringing synchronicity to your hybrid workforce, which, in turn, provides channels for consistent communication. 


One such certified product is the Logitech Brio. An Ultra HD Pro Business Webcam, the Brio features HDR and Windows Hello Support. All of these ensure that the Brio streams crystal clear video with premium resolution, frame rates, colour and detail.

The visual clarity, coupled with Brio’s adjustable fields of view helps workers look and sound professional in any environment- whether they’re at home or in-office. As Brio is a certified solution, it provides all employees with access to high quality and seamless tech.

Offering stability and longevity, the Brio affords office and remote workers the platform to come together. As the user experience is consistent across each working environment, communication channels are open, helping each employee remain on the same page. 


The idea of consistent communication is layered. On one level, employees within a professional services organisation need access to the same technology. This ensures that work can be completed efficiently and effectively, whether working individually or in conjunction with other colleagues.

Additionally, the notion of consistent communication also encompasses the need to provide technology that works. A product like the Logitech Sync helps those holding managerial roles in the professional services industry provide employees with tech that works. 

A remote management device that scales to thousands of meeting room devices, Sync provides real time insights, offering in-depth diagnostics and problem solving tools to ensure that issues are resolved before work is impacted. Providing hybrid employees with working tech that can always facilitate communication through consistent channels.


Consistent communication is integral when it comes to collaborating with fellow coworkers and making business critical decisions. A certified video conferencing solution like the Logitech Tap ensures that consistent communication is as simple as the touch of a button.

By having this technology available to remote and office workers, meeting time is made easy. If workers know they can collaborate, share content and consistently communicate with others at the touch of a button, it takes the stress out of hybrid arrangements. 

What Logitech offers your organisation

Adopting certified video conferencing solutions provides a professional services business with both short and long term benefits. In the short term, employees are able to consistently communicate, collaborate and share content. 

In the long term, having these video conferencing solutions embedded in your organisation ensures a certain level of future security. By facilitating a hybrid arrangement, your business runs more efficiently and appears more attractive to workers whose needs are changing.

By providing employees with certified and consistent video conferencing solutions, communication becomes seamless and productivity increases. To foster consistent communications within your professional services business, contact a Logitech expert.

Matt leads the Logitech Business Development and Account Management team. With 20 years of audiovisual and video collaboration experience, he strategically positions his team to succeed. He is proud to play a part in bringing the new way of collaboration to workplaces with Logitech’s award-winning, innovative solutions.

Matthew Watts
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