September 19th, 2022

By Kristy Leclerc


How To Elevate Internal Organisational Communication as a Decision Maker

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Decision makers within organisations have a large and often demanding role to play. Sifting through data, analysing trends and researching new operational methods, there is seemingly endless amounts of information to digest.

On top of this, decision makers are also responsible for, of course, decision making. In short, utilising all of this knowledge to implement new processes and procedures. All of which impacts every facet of the organisation.

Currently, decision makers are also being presented with information that highlights the benefits of elevating internal organisation communication. While this may seem like adding another issue to a never ending pile, there is real value to be gained when transforming organisation communication.

By taking in the associated data and understanding the inherent benefits, decision makers can help add value to the organisation. Providing workers with steadfast processes for both internal and external communications. 

Such a transformed sense of organisational communication means that associated practices become more efficient and effective. Laying the platform for successful communication in the remote operating age.

The difficulty with making transformative decisions within organisations

Decision makers within organisations must play dual roles – they must be both researchers and implementers. Assessing the relevant data and analytics surrounding new processes and procedures before implementing them into their organisation. 

The dual focus of the role means that decision makers face difficulty when it comes to making transformative decisions. This is largely due to the fact that on any given day, decision makers are making a variety of different calls

For example, these individuals must face big bet decisions that while infrequent, have major ramifications. Frequent and risky interconnected decisions known as cross cutting also demand attention.

Additionally, there are also delegated decisions to consider. This type of decision making is frequent and often low risk. While in some organisations, relevant individuals or teams will make these decisions, it is still often in consultation with decision makers. 

Finally, there are ad hoc decisions to consider. While these are infrequent and low-stakes decisions, these types of choices can be all consuming. Making it hard for decision makers to find the time and space needed to research and implement more transformative decisions.

While these decisions are time consuming, effective communication should be an organisation’s top priority. This is largely due to the fact that, without communication, there can be no collaboration. 

Absent or archaic communication practices makes day to day work harder. In fact, everything from planning and organisation to motivation and productivity is impacted. When too many communication forms are used with minimal integration, inboxes become inundated. However, when decision makers take the time to develop and implement a communication strategy, processes become more consistent, effective and efficient. Helping workers build familiarity which in the long run, will lead to increased engagement

What organisational communication offers a business

Communication practices have a drastic impact on both motivation and productivity levels. For example, without elevated organisational communication practices, employees use the sharing platforms of their choice in order to collaborate with colleagues.

This means that employees must be across a range of different applications which then results in multiple communication threads. Making it hard to keep track of tasks and other important dialogue.

With an elevated communication strategy, technology is integrated and flexible. This means that every employee will be using the same applications. However, there is the freedom to use different devices. Importantly, no matter what device is being used, the process is the same.

As all employees are effectively utilising the same tools, there is no ambiguity about the tasks that need performing. Knowing everything about a task helps employees find the motivation to start work and complete said work to a high standard. In short, there are no excuses. Organisation communication in a modern business not only facilitates efficient and effective work, but also builds a bridge between remote and in-office workers. By providing a seamless means for communication, collaboration can continue. No matter the physical barriers. 

It’s also worth noting that communication policies have an effect on workplace culture. With every employee able to access and utilise the same communication channels, there are no barriers to communication and therefore, socialisation. Helping to boost camaraderie.

Making the right call when it comes to technology

Elevating organisational communication can be transformative. This is because the right technology can facilitate seamless communication. Keeping meetings and other correspondence on track.

Take Logitech Sync for example. This software for video conferencing management ensures that performance is maximised and disruptions are minimised. With the ability to remotely deploy upgrades and bug fixes, technology is always able to be used. 

By minimising downtime, Logitech Sync ensures that there are no barriers to conversation. Whether employees are meeting with each other, key stakeholders or clients. By maximising productivity, communication is seamless. 

Importantly, this kind of technology provides the foundations employees need in order to complete their work. When employees can regularly converse and meet, roles are more defined. When everyone knows what they need to do, productivity increases and mistakes decrease. 

The right technology can also increase collaboration. This is because technology essentially gives employees a voice. Additionally, when colleagues are provided with a platform to meet, discuss and collaborate, more meaningful conversations can occur. 

Logitech’s Rally Bar is an all-in-one video bar for medium and large rooms. By providing employees with technology that actively works to make visuals and sound clearer and ultimately better, barriers are transcended.

This means that no matter the working arrangement, every employee is provided with an opportunity to be seen and to be heard. The basis for great conversations, Rally Bar ensures that information sharing can be exchanged in a way that is immersive and engaging.

It’s also worth noting that in this modern age, consumers expect businesses they interact with to be able to facilitate digital communication. By equipping employees and meeting rooms with the right technology, consumer demands can be met.

In the age of instant communication, Logitech Brio can help businesses meet these new consumer demands. If meeting rooms are occupied, workers can use Brio, an ultra HD pro business webcam to meet with clients from their desk. 

Facilitating instant communication, Brio allows workers to conduct professional meetings. Featuring adjustable fields of view and microphones with noise-cancelling technology, the presence of Brio means that it’s always the right time for a meeting.

Ultimately, video conferencing tools have the power to transform organisational communication. Not only do video conferencing solutions allow businesses to communicate with each other in the modern workplace, they account for external interaction too. 

By embracing technology today, businesses can compete in the modern work environment. Importantly, grasping these principles today will help set up organisations to enjoy sustained success. Especially when you consider that we are only becoming more dependent on technology, not less.

The importance of organisational communication to success

In previous workplace structures, employees have been able to converge in meeting rooms, meet at each other’s desk or walk together to get a coffee fix. In the modern workplace environment, communication isn’t as straightforward.

This is because, on any given day, your colleague might be sitting across from you or working from a home office that is in a different time zone. With communication being so vital in keeping workplace processes and procedures running smoothly, what is the solution?

Video conferencing tools.

Being able to bridge the gap between employees operating on different floors and employees working in different time zones, this technology makes communication seamless. Decreasing downtime and increasing productivity, video conferencing transforms communication.

While decision makers are tasked with handling any number of issues during the course of the working day, the value of transforming organisational communication speaks for itself. In fact, the value can be felt in every facet of your business. As such, now is the time to help your business remain functional and competitive in the modern working era. To start the process towards improved efficiencies, get in touch with a Logitech sales engineer today or explore further finance and banking industry content.

With a Masters in Business Marketing, and a 15 year background spanning process management, B2B relationship management and customer facing roles, Kristy has always held an interest in the psychology behind customer choices. As Logitech’s Business Marketing Specialist for the last three years, Kristy has looked after all outgoing and internal marketing objectives, working with external agencies to create a holistic product offering through ads and content. Kristy’s goal is to ensure Logitech is known as a serious player in the collaboration space; not just boardroom suitable, but easy to deploy from wherever work happens. She’s passionate about helping customers identify their next normal through hybrid working spaces to ensure business continuity, and is thrilled to collaborate with her wider team in a company that sees itself as a huge ambassador for working from home.
Kristy Leclerc
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