February 25th, 2022

By Steve Harding


Visibility In Remote Environments: How IT Leaders Can Improve Output Through Video Conferencing Technology


The advent of different video conferencing tools has provided an avenue for workplace change. No longer are employees required to work from the office 5 days a week. In fact, they can work from their home office, choosing their own hours of operation. 

With video conferencing solutions, barriers to remote work are overcome, and Logitech Video Collaborations enables remote workers to meet, connect and collaborate wherever they are. Improving everything from efficiency to engagement, video conferencing is the beginning of a new frontier.

With this in mind, it isn’t hard to see why schools are now adopting video conferencing technology to help improve the effectiveness of in-person lessons and staff meetings while also facilitating the need for remote lessons. 

While some schools have embraced video conferencing solutions, others have been more hesitant. This may be because the idea of numerous video conferencing solutions sounds like a task too hard to manage for IT leaders. Yet, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Offering visibility for both teachers and students, video conferencing also offers an unparalleled level of visibility and scalability to IT leaders, making everything from syncing room devices to meeting and device management easier than ever before. 

The different ways visibility can be afforded through video conferencing 

IT leaders have an extremely important job. Whether employed in a school or even government environment, IT professionals must be able to effectively implement and manage the tech that key personnel will use everyday. 

With so much business critical work dependent on technology working smoothly, IT leaders must look for ways to simplify the management process without compromising on the services delivered. The solution? Video conferencing tools.

Offering visibility in every sense of the word, the right video conferencing tools help IT leaders manage meetings and classes. 

Syncing across rooms and devices as part of remote team management optimisation 

There are only so many working hours in the day. This means that when it’s time to complete business critical work, every necessary component should be working. Otherwise, time is wasted as tech gets upgraded or taken away for bug fixes.

The Logitech Sync is a modern device management video conferencing tool. Supporting on-demand and scheduled updates, Sync helps IT leaders deploy product upgrades and bug fixes with the click of a button, even if only one or every single device needs attention.

So, instead of having to stop teachers right in the middle of a meeting, or cancel a student lesson on history, IT leaders can use video conferencing tools to reduce the downtime required for device management. This results in a more efficient workplace all round.

Meeting/classroom management 

Whether in a remote context or in the physical classroom, room management is key. Otherwise, the physical class cannot complete their work or the remote class can’t log in to begin their day at school.

For room status in real time, IT leaders need Sync. Automatically highlighting issues that need attention, Sync can diagnose and treat issues. This is because Sync offers in-depth diagnostics so IT leaders can resolve problems before they impact a meeting or class. 

Scalability of team management 

IT managers need to provide workers with flexible room solutions that can be used in multiple settings, with multiple products. Otherwise, valuable resources will be spent simply trying to manage and connect to different devices in order to get the highest value engagements possible. 

This is where Logitech’s Swytch, a multiport connectivity tool that can be used to link laptops to room displays, camera and even audio devices, can help. Swytch allows teachers to easily connect different devices or share screens, offering a consistent user experience, no matter if they’re teaching in a classroom or presenting in a meeting room.

Products from other video conferencing providers won’t fit into different types of rooms, limiting functionality. Logitech however, ensures that each product can be used in every space, adapting to different adoption styles and even preferred user experiences. This way, management, scalability and output capabilities can and will improve. 

Birds-eye view

When it comes to managing devices and the associated tech, the process can be quite time consuming. Limited time means that some problems may take days to resolve while other issues simply go unchecked altogether. This downtime can then impact the intended learning experience. 

With Sync, everyone and everything can work to its full potential. As Sync supports large-scale video deployments and minimises site visits and trouble tickets, every person in the organisation is given the tools to perform. Facilitating a remote-friendly approach, Sync’s ability to provide a birds-eye view of an entire organisation’s tech helps to increase and elevate workflow.

Receiving insights on how your team are using video meeting rooms and devices 

Teachers only have a limited number of hours with kids, therefore, lessons need to be optimised to maximise learning potential. A tool like Sync can collect data on how video meeting rooms and associated devices are used, highlighting areas of improvement. 

By having data detailing time spent in rooms, the number of participants and any technical issues that occurred, valuable insights arise. These learnings can be collated by the IT team to highlight areas where improvements can be made in order to maximise learning. 

Security considerations of using remote management video conferencing tools 

When working in an environment with students, privacy concerns are all the more paramount. As Sync employs end-to-end encryption and never collects or transmits audio, video or shared content, any and all meeting data is kept private and secure. 

To ensure security from the user’s point of view, it’s also important for IT to provide tips to the teachers and students using video conferencing solutions. These tips involve changing meeting IDs and always using passwords to ensure no outside parties gain access. 

What Logitech offers your organisation 

When it comes to equipping educational facilities with the tools needed to facilitate in-person and remote learning, visibility is key. Without visibility, IT is powerless to help, resulting in students at home struggling to log on or teachers in the classroom interrupted mid lesson by failing technology. 

Logitech’s suite of video conferencing solutions come equipped with visibility. This means that, whether teachers are attending a meeting, or students are trying to join classes for the day, each task can be performed. This is because IT has a bird’s eye view of all connected technology, proactively determining if things are working, or if they need fixing.

As Logitech’s products and associated management devices are constantly monitoring for updates or unreliable connections, downtime is minimised. In turn, each person in the organisation is given the tools to succeed, improving productivity organisation-wide. To improve your company’s operating practices, contact a Logitech sales expert today.

Stephen works with Logitech clients to provide unrivalled technical knowledge and support beyond just functionality. He empowers you to become a video collaboration expert in your own right. Working with Stephen ensures you can confidently use your Logitech solution to its full potential and create a consistent, user-friendly experience.

With an audio engineering background and 15 years of experience in the AV and unified communications industries, Stephen advocates for education and technology to allow increased access and equity - not just within workplaces, but for communities. He is a self-confessed nerd when it comes to camera quality and sound design - there's no project too complex for him.

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