August 28th, 2020

By Kristy Leclerc


The Future of Work: How Will Working Environments & Culture Change

Chief Technology Officer

Recent world events have caused much of the workforce to change. Workers are currently living in a new normal that sees them working from home and embracing various new technology platforms and accessories. 

In light of these changes, Logitech UK hosted a mini webinar survey on the future of work. Respondents were asked a range of questions from thoughts on working patterns to the future of the office environment. 

The results of the survey offer valuable insights into what many believe the future of work will look and feel like. And while so much has changed already, it seems that the majority of workers are bracing for even more change still to come. 

When work will return to normal

When respondents to Logitech’s mini webinar survey were asked their predictions on when work will return to normal, the consensus was overwhelming: over 38% of respondents believe that work will never return to normal.

On the other hand, 2.8% of respondents said that work would return to normal in three months. This result shows that many workers believe that the current pandemic has changed the face of the workforce forever.

The majority of workers may be right. With more companies realising that basing their employees at home is actually working quite well, many workers may find themselves working from home permanently. This, in turn, would reduce the need for large commercial offices for a number of organisations.

Prioritising technology in updating your WFH setup

With more workers having to perform their day to day tasks in their home offices, the need for technology has increased. Over 70% of respondents showed that they are looking to invest in more Logitech solutions.

Workers are also looking for a range of different technologies to incorporate into their home office setup. For instance, 29.7% of respondents wanted a webcam, while 24.3% were looking for headsets.

Workers are prioritising technology when setting up a home office because different devices and accessories are needed when it comes to working from home effectively. And with more businesses relying on communication platforms like video meetings, workers need the right tech to participate.

In the wake of the pandemic, organisations are becoming dependent on technology. Different technology platforms are enabling businesses to complete work, and keep in contact with employees. Highlighting why technology is important in the home office setup.

Partial remote teams in a post-pandemic world

When asked the question about what percentage of workers will continue to work from home post pandemic, interesting viewpoints emerged from the respondents. Namely the fact that not one respondent thought that 100% of the workforce would return to the office.

Instead, 38.2% of those surveyed thought that 25% of their workforce would continue to work from home. Meanwhile, 38.2% of respondents believe that 50% of their current workforce would continue to work from home.

The future of work may include companies that employ a mix of in-office and remote workers. In fact, the office may simply become a place where employees discuss the work. Rather than a place where the work is actually done. Changing workplace culture entirely.

In reality, no one knows what governments will decide when it comes to working environments, or how businesses will choose to implement any changes. The workplace has evolved over many decades and perhaps post pandemic it is due for more changes.

Evolving work patterns

Faced with the possibility of working from home permanently or working for a company that has a mix of in-office and remote workers, not a single respondent involved in Logitech’s mini webinar survey, thought that work patterns would remain the same.

In fact, 52.4% of those surveyed stated their belief that working patterns would change significantly, while 47.6% of respondents thought that working patterns would change moderately in light of the current situation.

When considering the state of the world at the moment, it’s hard to see how working patterns won’t change. Businesses have spent months tweaking their operations in order to be able to sustain working from home.

Workers have invested in new technologies in order to set up home workstations that are both efficient and effective. With businesses being able to operate successfully with remote workers, many companies won’t want to have to change operations again post pandemic.

The future of working environments

It’s reasonable to expect that businesses and the way they operate will change forever post pandemic. Even when looking at the history of the workforce, a change seems due. Thanks to advancements in technology, change has never been more achievable.

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses have changed their working habits. This has also meant workers have had to modernise their home office setups. Showing that the future of work, whatever that may look like, will rely heavily on technology.

Whether your business becomes fully or partially remote, equipping your team with the best technology will ensure that your employees are effective. Making a change in tech is an investment, so speak to a Logitech representative to find the best solution for your team.

Disclaimer: The data referenced in this article is compiled based on research conducted by Logitech UK via an online survey targeting participants of a ‘Future of Work’ webinar on 30th of April 2020, and reflects a sample size of 57 respondents. The sample is representative of primarily C-suite executives and business leaders. Logitech acknowledges the limitations of this sample size, and therefore the data presented should be taken as a sample of opinion and not a definitive statistical data standard.

With a Masters in Business Marketing, and a 15 year background spanning process management, B2B relationship management and customer facing roles, Kristy has always held an interest in the psychology behind customer choices. As Logitech’s Business Marketing Specialist for the last three years, Kristy has looked after all outgoing and internal marketing objectives, working with external agencies to create a holistic product offering through ads and content. Kristy’s goal is to ensure Logitech is known as a serious player in the collaboration space; not just boardroom suitable, but easy to deploy from wherever work happens. She’s passionate about helping customers identify their next normal through hybrid working spaces to ensure business continuity, and is thrilled to collaborate with her wider team in a company that sees itself as a huge ambassador for working from home.
Kristy Leclerc
VC Marketing Manager, ANZ

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