June 30th, 2021

By Kristy Leclerc


A Short Guide: Managing Room Analytics and Making the Most of Meeting Rooms


For businesses around the world, meetings are essential for enabling collaboration, creativity and innovation amongst employees. In fact, meetings often provide the space to foster integral working relationships and bonds.

In the modern age, where businesses are comprised of remote and in-office workers, meetings have never been more important. Acting as an integral piece of business operations, meetings provide the appropriate forum to move the business forward. 

Despite meetings being characterised as laborious, meeting room analytics offer invaluable insights into your company from a process and productivity point of view. Providing you with the critical data needed to make the most of your real estate, employees and time.

What data is being analysed

In the modern age, it’s understandable that privacy concerns would be at the fore when it comes to discussing meeting room analytics and the collated data. However, as Steve Harding, the Pre-sales Engineer at Logitech VC explains, meeting room data collected by Logitech’s Rally Bar doesn’t impinge upon employees’ privacy. 

“The Rally Bar captures body shapes within the room, not faces and therefore is able to record how many people are within a meeting room at any given time… in combination with Sync, you can ascertain how the space is being optimised and [hold] open conversations around the most efficient way to utilise these spaces.” Steve said. 

Meeting room analytics also track:

  • The overall diversity of meeting participants
  • Who is talking in meetings and who isn’t getting any speaking time
  • When interruptions occur and who frequently interrupts
  • If meetings begin and end on time 
  • How the meeting room is being used
  • Which meeting rooms sit idle 
  • The density of the meeting room 

This data allows businesses to effectively and comprehensively understand their return on investment on meeting rooms, from a space and utilities perspective. As Steve says, “the data is top level. The information you are presented with is transparent and centres around meeting time and occupancy- allowing you to extrapolate [the insights] immediately.”

What meeting room analytics can tell you 

Meeting room analytics as part of the Logitech Rally Bar can help you track and measure multiple metrics. In fact, once you analyse the data, you can then go on to develop strategies to optimise everyday efficiency and real estate planning

Real estate insights 

One of the things meeting room analytics can illuminate is the way in which your business uses meeting rooms. This kind of data can then be used to assess your real estate in terms of how many desks and cubicles to place on a floor, compared to how many meeting rooms. 

By looking at the occupancy and usage rates of individual meeting rooms, the data gives you a clear picture of which floors meetings are being held on, how regularly they are filled to capacity and which meeting rooms sit idle

As Sean Byrne, Head of Video Collaboration for Logitech ANZ says, “by understanding the correct way to employ meeting room spaces- businesses are better able to move forward. You can double the effectiveness of meeting rooms, without increasing the footprint of office spaces.”

Insights into employee’s meeting room habits

Meeting room data gives you the opportunity to analyse your employee’s meeting habits. The Logitech Sync data illuminates key statistics such as how many people are invited to meetings on average, if employees are attending external meetings and how many participate in weekly roundups. These analytics can also track ‘ghost’ meetings – meetings where no one attends. 

Above all else, this data offers valuable insights into your employee’s productivity. You can see how much of their work day is spent in meetings rather than working on projects or with clients. You can also discern how many meetings are abandoned because no one, or, too few people attend.

Leveraging the data 

By understanding which employees might need help, you are able to resolve meeting rooms issues. This is because you are able to get to the bottom of meeting room habits, learning which rooms lack the right equipment or discovering that your meeting rooms aren’t the appropriate sizes for your employee’s needs. By resolving these issues, efficiency increases.

This kind of data can empower your business to identify sectors where your workforce isn’t so diverse, so that you may address the oversight proactively. Helping you create a more welcoming company meeting culture.

Make the most out of your meeting rooms with Logitech VC 

In many businesses, meeting rooms are the beating hearts of the organisation. Providing a space for collaboration, innovation and most importantly, communication. In many cases, the topics discussed in meetings will help move individual projects and the company forward.

With so much importance placed on meeting rooms, the ability to track key meeting room data in order to improve efficiencies, achieve true diversity and reduce real estate costs, has never been more important.

Thanks to meeting room analytics, gaining insights into a key part of your businesses’ operations has never been easier. To start your journey towards transforming your meeting room experiences, contact a Logitech Video Collaboration expert today.

With a Masters in Business Marketing, and a 15 year background spanning process management, B2B relationship management and customer facing roles, Kristy has always held an interest in the psychology behind customer choices. As Logitech’s Business Marketing Specialist for the last three years, Kristy has looked after all outgoing and internal marketing objectives, working with external agencies to create a holistic product offering through ads and content. Kristy’s goal is to ensure Logitech is known as a serious player in the collaboration space; not just boardroom suitable, but easy to deploy from wherever work happens. She’s passionate about helping customers identify their next normal through hybrid working spaces to ensure business continuity, and is thrilled to collaborate with her wider team in a company that sees itself as a huge ambassador for working from home.
Kristy Leclerc
VC Marketing Manager, ANZ

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