April 4th, 2022

By Brad Papotto


Equipping your Meeting Rooms with the Right Technology Infrastructure

Energy & Mining

In a changing working environment, mining, energy and resource workplaces are relying on technology solutions now more than ever before. However, this increased reliance on technology has rapidly increased the number and types of video conferencing devices and meeting spaces within an enterprise.

This infrastructure sprawl means that employees are tasked with using different devices that perform similar functions. More broadly, it also means that IT departments are forced to deploy and manage meeting rooms of different sizes that are equipped with various devices.

While hard to manage, the wrong infrastructure also makes it hard for workers to do their jobs and near impossible for a business to find scalable solutions. Resulting in ineffective and inefficient workplace practices.

That’s exactly why Logitech’s video conferencing solutions are so valuable. Simple to deploy, easy to manage and inherently scalable, with flexible solutions depending on room size, location and elements of consistency, Logitech’s solutions help position a company for success.

Taming infrastructure sprawl

When it comes to equipping workers and meeting rooms with the technology needed to participate in and facilitate video meetings, software is only one element. Video hardware is also needed.

In a meeting room, video hardware encompasses speakers, controllers, microphones and cameras. For individuals these needs include products like webcams and headsets. Additionally, IT departments will need to be able to manage this software. 

For some organisations, investing in this technology results in infrastructure sprawl. A large meeting room is fitted out with one solution while a smaller room is fitted out with an alternative. On top of that, each employee also possesses their own devices. 

These different devices, while serviceable on their own, combine to create a larger issue. For one, IT is forced to individually manage meeting rooms and the devices of each employee. On another level, employees must also adapt to the different technology in each workspace.

Infrastructure sprawl is therefore a significant barrier to efficient and effective operations. Therefore, in order to provide modern and yet effective solutions to a changing workplace, installing the right video conferencing equipment is paramount. 

The key is having tools that help to manage all connected devices. This way, meeting infrastructure and devices can be managed efficiently and effectively. Helping IT perform their role and employees conduct business. 

Make IT more efficient

Taming infrastructure sprawl helps a business equip their IT department for success. This in turn results in increases in operational efficiencies. Allowing workers to complete tasks productively.

This is because taming infrastructure by using the right video conferencing tools helps IT remotely manage meeting rooms and hardware. Being able to easily track all devices for security and inventory purposes and apply updates to software and firmware is invaluable.

This means that meeting room downtime is significantly reduced. By having access to a system that manages all video conferencing equipment, IT can easily and quickly deploy solutions should an issue arise.

Importantly, in the age of remote work, IT also has access to off-site hardware and can deploy solutions and upgrades from anywhere. Making it easy for remote employees to troubleshoot issues without letting something like a disconnected webcam negatively impact a meeting. 

Managing the meeting room

While making IT more efficient, the right technology infrastructure can also make it easier for employees to perform key job functions. With scalable, flexible and certified video conferencing solutions present in all meeting spaces, there is a level of familiarity.

This means that an employee can walk into a large meeting room on Monday and seamlessly connect to the technology and present. It also means that the next day, the same employee can walk into a smaller room and just as seamlessly connect to the technology situated there.

Technology visibility

Video conferencing technology offers visibility to organisations with multiple meeting rooms and devices. Rather than having technology infrastructure in one room that has software that needs to be maintained on a separate PC, solutions like all-in-one video bars integrate video conferencing hardware and software into a single form factor. Simultaneously offering unparalleled visibility and seamless device management.

Video conferencing solutions like the Logitech Sync also offer visibility. Essentially video conferencing device management software, Sync is a consistent, certified and compatible solution.

By facilitating device management at scale, helping to diagnose connection errors and providing automatic alerts, Sync ensures visibility. This means that any employee or the IT department can see which meeting rooms are being used and which devices need updating.

Sync also offers analytics on room usage and occupancy rates. This provides unparalleled insight into how an organisation uses meeting rooms and therefore, how the company may need to adapt meeting spaces to take advantage of real estate. All of which highlights the large role that a product like Sync plays in giving an organisation insight and control over their technology.

Simplify meeting management

Sometimes managing the meeting room can feel like untangling endless cables, answering countless calls for troubleshooting or spending hours deploying technology solutions. With Logitech’s suite of video conferencing products, meeting management is simplified. 

All-in-one video bars like the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini play a large role in simplifying meeting room management. Combining a camera, speakers, microphones and a computer engine in one solution, all-in-one video bars are a simple and fast way to deploy video conferencing capabilities.

For one, these video bars have fewer components and connections, this reduces the amount of physical equipment in a room. It also drastically reduces the time that IT will spend in any given room while they equip it with video conferencing capabilities. 

Fewer connections also has other benefits. By eliminating the need for unnecessary devices and metres of cabling, video bars also reduce problems caused by cables being disconnected, lost or damaged. Simplifying meeting management by minimising troubleshooting calls to IT.

Additionally, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini stream quality video and audio, helping employees conduct business. Importantly, these products also make device management simple. Helping keep equipment functional and updated, something that significantly minimises downtime. 

Maximise visibility, and your investment

When it comes to equipping a meeting room with technology, the wrong technology can cause infrastructure sprawl. Taking up valuable meeting room space and the time of IT as they attempt to deploy and manage such solutions.

On the other hand, the right technology can benefit both the IT department and employees. Updates can be remotely deployed. Issues trigger automatic alerts and troubleshooting can take place remotely, minimising site visits and meeting room down time. 

By choosing optimised resources, employees and the IT department can work efficiently and effectively. Helping an energy, mining and resources company utilise all available real estate and infrastructure, all while confidently operating in this new hybrid workplace. Contact us at Logitech Video Collaborations to discuss your custom enterprise solution.

Brad works with businesses across Western Australia and South Australia to enable them to future proof with Logitech Solutions. He prides himself on genuinely understanding not only the business outcome, but what his client’s perfect meeting experience looks like. Not only for the people in the room, but those furthest from it, so he can tailor a solution which increases engagement and provides value to all.

With 20 years of experience, Brad loves the outcome of helping people embrace video collaboration technology and the innovation, productivity, diversity and connection it can consistently deliver in a simple way regardless of location.

Brad Papotto
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