July 11th, 2022

By James Barker


The Future of Healthcare: How Video Conferencing is Transforming the Industry


In the last few years, the world has undergone major changes. More specifically, technology and individual needs have also changed. Importantly, these changes have drastically impacted how businesses, in particular, healthcare providers, deliver goods and services.

In an age characterised by the invention and implementation of robust technologies, it’s no wonder that technology is transforming the healthcare industry. Couple this with the pandemic forcing individuals and workplaces alike to alter how they provide and deliver services. 

However, these changes don’t have to be a temporary means to end. Especially when you consider that video conferencing technology promotes increased productivity and efficiency without compromising the delivery of quality health care. 

As a result, care providers, admin workers and patients now have different expectations regarding providing and receiving care. Something that hospital or medical practice executives will need to consider in order to keep operating both today and in the future.

How is video conferencing leading the digital transformation

Thanks to relatively new concepts such as telehealth, patients and healthcare providers alike have been introduced to new means of operation. Facilitating instant and yet seamless communication, technology based solutions are ushering in a new era of health care.

As such, everyday and business operations will only become more virtual as time goes on. In order to provide workers with efficient methods of operation and patients with effective means of care, healthcare providers must enable spaces to facilitate these new requirements.

By equipping an operating theatre, meeting room or training facility with the right video conferencing solutions, health care services are effectively changing with the times. Allowing for more productive and efficient work to take place on a daily basis. 

Enabling access to specialists in emergency and urgent care during surgery

One of the ways that video conferencing is leading the digital transformation in the healthcare space is by providing constant access to experienced professionals. This means that expert advice can always be given, in situations ranging from stable to critical. 

By using the latest video conferencing technology, there are no barriers to communication. Take Logitech’s Rally Camera for example. Complete with a premium industrial design and ultra-HD imaging system, Rally captures and transmits exceptional video quality

As such, video conferencing tools such as Rally ensure that in every situation, communication can be facilitated. In one instance, a surgeon may use Rally to consult another specialist in the field, should they come across something surprising during an operation. 

With whisper quiet mechanical pan, tilt and zoom, Rally can transmit sharp video so that the consulting surgeon can accurately assess the situation and provide the most appropriate advice. 

This instant access ensures a level of communication and collaboration, even in the most time pressed situations. All of which works to ensure that healthcare providers are fulfilling their duties, and, in turn, patients are accessing the best care possible. 

Enhancing meeting room experience for healthcare workers and admin staff

Video conferencing technology also works to enhance meeting room experiences. By employing easy to use, high quality conferencing solutions, information can always be shared and received. Across a variety of different scenarios.

For hospital workers, it may be prudent to consult with other members of staff. In the past, such meetings have been difficult, however, with MeetUp, the process is seamless. This is because the all-in-one conferencecam collects and transmits audio and visuals

This way, whether a doctor is at home or a nurse is working a shift, there is always a way to meet and share information, with no audio or visual compromises. This facilitates efficient collaboration and consultation. 

Additionally, video conferencing solutions are simple to manage. This means that technology issues will never get in the way of colleagues or stakeholders communicating and collaborating. 

With hospital or medical centre IT managers tasked with overseeing and maintaining more technology equipment than ever before, efficient management is also paramount. With Logitech Sync, IT professionals can remotely monitor and manage technology to ensure that devices are being used to their full potential.

Supporting telehealth consultation and remote patient care 

Telehealth is poised as one of the greatest changes to healthcare in decades. What facilitates telehealth? Video conferencing solutions. With patients and healthcare providers alike embracing the use of telehealth, the notion of telemedicine will only evolve. 

This is because, despite gaining popularity during the pandemic, telehealth is, post pandemic, still running and utilised in most practices. With benefits to both workers and patients alike, it’s not hard to see why.

Transcending location and time barriers, patients can easily communicate with their doctor to ensure continuity of care. Whether the patient is post-op, looking for a prescription or wanting to have their symptoms diagnosed. 

Providing doctors with web cameras and noise cancelling headsets means that patients- no matter their location- can access high quality and efficient care. With the ability to diagnose at a distance, doctors are also saving time travelling and thus experience increased productivity. 

Increasing quality in medical education and training 

Video conferencing solutions also work to enhance both medical education and training. For teaching hospitals, enabling theatres with video conferencing solutions such as Rally Bar Mini means that medical students and interns can observe surgery techniques in real time. 

Additionally, for those attending medical school, Rally Bar Mini can bring real situations into the classroom. With the ability to stream cinematic video in both small and medium rooms, Rally can beam guest speakers such as retired or current professionals into the classroom. Helping students gain better insight. 

Facilitating growing hospital networks 

Every day hospitals deal with high volumes of sensitive data. As such, data security is important. However, this security cannot come at the expense of hospital admin easily accessing and distributing files to the relevant personnel. It’s also important to consider that hospital networks are ever changing in terms of numbers. 

Video conferencing solutions prove effective tools that are scalable to support, deploy and manage. Importantly, in products like Sync, enterprise grade security such as end-to-end encryption is employed.

This ensures that, while video conferencing solutions are seamless for doctors, admin and other medical personnel to use, they are also secure and easy to manage. All of which lays the platform for healthcare providers to be able to safely expand their technology in order to keep up with modern day demands.

Video conferencing in the healthcare sector 

In trying times, healthcare professionals turned to different means in order to deliver on their key promise- providing patients with high quality care. One such way of providing care was to transfer practices to operate as telemedicine. 

Such a small change introduced the concept of virtual care. A type of care which not only saves time and money but improves medical training and helps more patients access quality care. 

At the heart of virtual care is video conferencing solutions. Supporting everything from telehealth and increased training methods to enhancing meeting room experiences and enabling emergency access to specialists, video conferencing has transformed healthcare. 

With a suite of products that can be used in a variety of different contexts, Logitech VC can provide healthcare institutions with the tools needed to function effectively and efficiently, both today and in the future. Contact a Logitech Video Conferencing sales representative to talk about how we can help provide you with the tools to transform healthcare.

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