September 19th, 2022

By Kristy Leclerc


Simplifying Investment into the Future of an Organisation: The Role of Video Conferencing


In the modern workplace, the operating landscape is extremely competitive. Not only are businesses within the same sector competing for clients, they are also competing to attract and retain top staff.

One factor that helps businesses remain competitive is investment into future operations. By constantly evolving and adapting, businesses can remain at the forefront of their industry. Utilising modern technology and other operating processes to remain an attractive business proposition to key stakeholders.

With the term investment being quite broad and all encompassing, businesses need to approach this process with a simplified strategy. In short, looking for investment opportunities that work to lay the groundwork for sustained growth.

One such opportunity is investing in video conferencing. Not only helping simplify operations today, video conferencing can help facilitate growth. By bridging geographical divides, video conferencing can help transform internal and external operations. Helping your organisation align with today’s trends all while keeping an eye on the future.

The necessities of business investment

When looking at business related investment, it’s important to note that without investment, there can be no change. Without change, there is no growth. As such, businesses who neglect investment opportunities are essentially stuck in the same cycle.

This means that common obstacles and for example, recruitment problems, will remain the same. All of which makes it hard for businesses to successfully operate in the ever competitive business landscape.

However, while investment is important, not all investment opportunities will align with the present and future needs of every company. As such, businesses will need to adopt constant investment strategies that are both long term in nature and diversified.

By adopting such a broad approach, businesses afford themselves the checks and balances needed to account for the changing nature of investments and therefore the consequences. Helping them erect a strong foundation for any future endeavours. 

Long term strategy

One investment characteristic businesses should be looking at is the length of the investment. As such, when it comes to business investment, a long-term strategy is always advised. This is largely due to the fact that return on investment is typically only fully realised after a longer period.

Should be diversified

Another important facet of business investment is that of diversification. This could mean investing in technology but also stock options and the like. This way, during the natural swings and roundabouts of investments, some options may still be producing gains. 

Should always be happening

Using current profits to ensure future profits is a notion that underpins investing. If a business is not continually investing, they have nothing to gain. They also have everything to lose. By neglecting to look into investment opportunities, businesses essentially stagnant while competitors around them continue to evolve.

Correcting the wrong investments

The very nature of investments is one of change. While these changes can spell good news for investors, they can also instigate turbulent times. With this in mind, it’s important to note that mistakes can be made when investing. Importantly, these mistakes can be corrected. 

The most logical way to go about correcting the course of bad investments is to take it one step at a time. By breaking down the so-called investment issue, new light can be shone, helping businesses identify the path out of trouble.

From there, determine if training could solve the investment issue. Say you have invested in something that employees are not using. Providing training could help employees grasp these new processes and therefore, solve the issue.

If training cannot solve the issue, consider a list of other potential solutions. Once avenues of problem-solving have been exhausted, look towards comparing and grading new investment options. Part of this step is also to research and compare vendors and return on investment. 

The next and most essential step when it comes to correcting course is to set up metrics and a timeline for deployment, implementation, training and of course, return on investment. These metrics will help you track progress and respond quickly to changes that might impact future success.

Funding the high potential opportunities

In the modern day workplace, one of the most high potential investment opportunities is that of video conferencing. However, there of course first needs to be funds that can be allocated to such an endeavour.

Funds are essentially the fuel that drives growth. As such, business leaders should be looking for funds in a variety of different places. In one example, funds can be found by re-distributing money currently allocated to underperforming areas or high potential opportunities. One such opportunity is of course, video conferencing. Affording both short and long term benefits, video conferencing can revitalise a business, making it a competitive presence in the modern business landscape.

It’s also worth noting that video conferencing offers organisations both internal and external benefits. Both of which work together to ensure that positive change is occurring in order to drive growth.

Take internal benefits as an example. In this modern working age, colleagues are expected to communicate with each other even though there may be locational differences. Without video conferencing, these differences become barriers to communication and collaboration.

With video conferencing, these barriers are transcended. By equipping employees and meeting rooms within the organisation with video conferencing tools, communication is seamless and importantly, consistent.

In the short term, this level of communication means that projects and other work related tasks can still be completed. In the long term it means that organisations already have the infrastructure needed to scale should the need for remote operations further increase.

While the benefit of seamless communication starts as an internal benefit, there are external benefits to consider also. This heightened interaction benefits consumers. Additionally, a flexible organisation is more likely to not only retain key staff, but attract key staff too.

The ability of video conferencing to make communication seamless, no matter if you are operating in a meeting room, at your desk or from a home office, makes it the right investment for your organisation. For a high potential opportunity that provides the foundation for both short term and sustained success, contact a Logitech sales representative today.

With a Masters in Business Marketing, and a 15 year background spanning process management, B2B relationship management and customer facing roles, Kristy has always held an interest in the psychology behind customer choices. As Logitech’s Business Marketing Specialist for the last three years, Kristy has looked after all outgoing and internal marketing objectives, working with external agencies to create a holistic product offering through ads and content. Kristy’s goal is to ensure Logitech is known as a serious player in the collaboration space; not just boardroom suitable, but easy to deploy from wherever work happens. She’s passionate about helping customers identify their next normal through hybrid working spaces to ensure business continuity, and is thrilled to collaborate with her wider team in a company that sees itself as a huge ambassador for working from home.
Kristy Leclerc
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