November 1st, 2023

By Sean Byrne


Mindfulness & Productivity: Understanding the Emotional Value of Great Tech at Work.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of working with outdated and unreliable technology. Will the grimy keyboard that’s been passed down through generations of staff let me type vowels today? Will my computer even start up? Will the team think a robotic spirit has possessed me in the video chat? It’s hardly motivating to get your work done knowing that your workplace hasn’t invested in quality tech for you to get the job done.

At Logitech, we believe that the emotional value of great tech at work shouldn’t be underestimated. ‘Great tech’ encompasses more than just the latest gadgets and devices. It’s about providing employees with tools that are reliable, efficient, and tailored to their specific needs. It’s about creating an environment where technology empowers rather than hinders, at home, in the office and in between. 

Your team should feel considered in the choices that have been made about their tech setup. Whether they’re in finance, marketing, management, or HR—each employee’s day-to-day tasks should be carefully examined to ensure the right tech solutions are in place. Are they working remotely, in the office, or in a hybrid model? Do they require a high-quality webcam and microphone for seamless Zoom meetings, or would a mouse and keyboard designed to optimise Adobe applications and spreadsheets be more beneficial? By taking unique user factors into account, your business can tailor tech solutions that enhance productivity, foster satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to the success of individuals and the entire organisation.

When employees have access to great tech, the impact on productivity is undeniable. Imagine a scenario where your computer starts up instantly, your software runs smoothly without glitches, and your peripherals enhance your workflow. With a quality setup, you can focus on your tasks without the frustration and time wasted on tech-related issues. 

According to research conducted by Adobe, enterprise workers would switch jobs for access to better technology that makes them more efficient—especially Gen Z. Investing in quality tech not only saves time but also boosts morale and motivation. When employees feel supported by their organisation, they are more engaged and enthusiastic about their work. The emotional value of great tech lies in the sense of appreciation and consideration it brings. It shows that the company values its employees’ well-being and understands that their tools directly impact their performance.

Importantly, ‘great tech’ is about enabling seamless collaboration and communication. Whether you’re working remotely, in the office, or in a hybrid setup, reliable and efficient technology ensures smooth interactions with colleagues and clients. It enables clear video calls, crisp audio, and intuitive collaboration tools that foster teamwork and boost overall productivity.

In summary, making good tech choices is crucial for maximising productivity. It eliminates frustrations, empowers employees, and fosters a positive work environment. By investing in great tech, companies send a powerful message that they prioritise their employees’ success and well-being. So, let’s embrace the emotional value of great tech and unlock our full potential in the workplace.

“Picture a world where high quality webcams and microphones effortlessly enhance virtual interactions, and customised peripherals smoothly simplify tasks,” says Sean Byrne, Head of Logitech B2B ANZ. “We’ve got the tools and tech to make working together online easy, smashing those distance barriers. In this setup, being productive feels like second nature, all the little frustrations vanish, and creativity can run wild.”

“Gone are the days of annoying glitches caused by finicky hardware and complicated software. Now, we’re seeing a wave of innovation that focuses on what employees really need and go through. Modern technology goes beyond basic devices, offering tailored solutions that boost personal tasks and contributions across various roles.”

Head of B2B ANZ at Logitech

Sean is responsible for the Logitech business into B2B across ANZ, both sales and marketing. He engages with C-Suite leaders to understand what their workplace and personal needs looks like, their strategic direction and business continuity plans. This allows him to ensure Logitech ANZ are effective in helping them reach those goals.

With 25 years of industry experience across multiple roles, he is a sought-after speaker and a well-respected leader renowned for building a caring culture. Sean is a true advocate for using video collaboration to break down barriers. He believes that no matter how people participate or where they are - they deserve to be heard. Using Logitech solutions gives people that opportunity.

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Our organisations have built a solid relationship over many years and found Logitech’s unified communication range of products fit for purpose and quality in design & build. Their plug and play methodology across the technology range works seamlessly with Zoom Video Conferencing - With consistent new and exciting development and innovation across the business.

Manager, Meeting Room Experience
Enterprise Technology | National Australia Bank Limited

The Australian Red Cross are an organisation focused on humanitarian values. Everything is about face-to-face relationships and that’s very difficult to do when you have 120 sites across the country. Now, with everyone able to communicate and collaborate face-to-face, it’s changing the way we work.

Head of ICT Operations
The Australian Red Cross

We tried upwards of 10 different manufacturers and devices... Once we found a solution that worked, we put it in every single room so the user experience got a lot better.

Manager, Service Delivery
Hall & Wilcox

We share a lot of learnings and knowledge with local Tasmanian organisations – they’re looking at the Universities meeting rooms and Video Conferencing solutions to guide the design process of their own spaces.

Manager, Unified Communications IT Services
University of Tasmania

Our previous video conferencing service was proving inadequate, which was deterring employees from using it. We decided to switch to Logitech. The new solutions have been a real hit with our employees, delivering excellent performance and seamless integration with our existing work collaboration applications. Being able to manage the technology in house also means we can now be proactive in our incident response, meaning less downtime for users.

Senior Product Manager for Unified Communications
Department for Work and Pensions, British Government

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