April 4th, 2022

By Matthew Watts


Pioneering an Efficient Workforce Through Video Conferencing Technology

Financial Services

In a finance and banking environment, communication is key. Whether communicating with clients and customers, collaborating with colleagues or conversing with department heads and managers, communication is felt in many facets of conducting business. In fact, communication helps form the foundation of an efficient workforce.

However, efficiently and effectively communicating in the modern working environment is seemingly harder than ever. Some employees are situated in the office. Other workers are operating remotely. A subsection of employees may even work under a hybrid arrangement.

While working environments have changed recently, the need to communicate with teams, managers, stakeholders and clients remains at the core of effective business operations. That’s why the adoption of video conferencing technology has become paramount.

Able to bridge geographical divides, video conferencing solutions not only facilitate engagement, but also promote collaboration and deep thinking. The inherent convenience of such solutions also means that working hours are optimised and performance is streamlined. These modern, innovative tools provide a platform for businesses to deliver, especially when it comes to the new demands of consumers. 

Customer preferences and expectations are evolving, particularly when it comes to finance and banking. As such, using technology to increase efficiency and provide consumers with new ways to interact with financial institutions will become the norm, and institutions must keep up.

Provide efficient financial services with plug and play video conferencing

When it comes to technology in banking, video conferencing solutions must be able to improve operating efficiency and individual capabilities. Two factors that are key when it comes to responding to present and future market needs. 

However, in order to help financial services improve efficiencies, video conferencing solutions should also possess other benefits. Scalable and easy to deploy, manage and use, Logitech’s product suite of video conferencing tools work out of the box. 

This is a major benefit when you consider that the banking industry is facing changes in customer preferences and expectations. To stay ahead of competition, new and improved ways of operating must be embraced quickly and seamlessly.

Otherwise, customers will simply take their business elsewhere. In particular, to competing financial services who have not only recognised the need for technology and automation in banking, but have accounted for these changes.

Embrace video conferencing technology for an efficient workforce 

Video conferencing provides a range of benefits to any workplace. In their own way, each of these benefits works to create a workplace that is not only efficient, but also effective in this new working environment. 

Enable superior enterprise collaboration 

Video conferencing uses visuals and audio to connect people who may not be in the same room, let alone the same city. By emulating a face-to-face connection, video conferencing breaks down geographical barriers and increases engagement as users can’t multitask. 

A platform that colleagues can use to seamlessly communicate with each other, video conferencing improves connectedness. Being able to brainstorm improves collaboration and gives workers the tools needed to innovate, all while improving the quality of work output. 

Reduce your costs while connecting your team face-to-face

With scalable deployment, video conferencing solutions reduce costs in a multitude of ways. Firstly, by removing locational barriers, employees no longer have to travel to attend meetings. This reduces travel expenses and valuable work hours are no longer lost in transit.

Video conferencing technology is also easy to manage at scale. This tech offers visibility to IT departments, all while providing them with all the tools necessary to effectively troubleshoot remotely. Reducing IT related costs and the broader costs associated with product downtime. 

Save time, lots of it

When conducting virtual meetings, the notion of time is omnipresent. The actual meetings are timed and you know that workers are keen to wrap up meetings and complete other tasks. This focus on time helps conversations flow and decisions get made quicker. 

It’s also worth noting that scheduling a video meeting helps employees get answers easier and faster. Rather than waiting on email responses or when physical meetings are scheduled, it’s as simple as clicking a button, talking through issues and implementing an action plan. 

Reduce the risk of burnout with the flexibility it provides

There is an inherent flexibility to video conferencing solutions. This is because, by providing a bridge between remote and office workers, flexible working arrangements are actively encouraged. 

This means that employees can work on their own terms. In turn, job satisfaction increases, something that has multiple benefits. For example, satisfied employees form the foundation of a great workplace culture, and satisfied employees tends to mean higher retention rates

Manage your workforce with ease

When workers first began transitioning to flexible arrangements, managers were understandably worried about productivity rates. However, video conferencing solutions make it easy to keep employees accountable.

By providing a way to connect, managers have an avenue to communicate with employees and provide advice and encouragement. Additionally, tools like Logitech’s Sync afford IT unique insight into connected devices, helping manage remote workers by providing support.

Elevate your workforce to the next level with modern video conferencing technology

When it comes to technology based tools, financial institutions need solutions that can be implemented with ease. Otherwise, communication breaks down between colleagues, and stakeholders and clients ultimately suffer the consequences.

With video conferencing solutions, both hardware and software can be implemented with ease. Able to conform and configure to any room size, these solutions are also compatible with many popular meeting platforms. 

This compatibility means that software and hardware video conferencing room solutions work straight out of the box without requiring specialist installers. As such, deployment is seamless and product management is just as easy. In turn, workforce management is done with ease. 

Specific products such as Logitech headsets feature easy plug and play. Providing both in office and remote employees with the necessary tools to look and sound professional, no matter their working environment. 

Meanwhile, Sync is a secure solution that offers unparalleled visibility into an organisation’s meeting practices and devices. Able to garner room analytics and meeting insights, Sync also helps IT proactively identify problems before they impact meetings or cause downtime. 

What Logitech offers your organisation 

The nature of financial services is changing. The ever connected consumer now expects a banking service that mixes aspects of traditional banking with a digital and technology based approach. 

Meanwhile, the workforce behind financial and banking institutions is also undergoing changes. Namely, transitioning into hybrid or remote working arrangements in the wake of the pandemic.

These changes are forcing financial services to adapt or be left behind. This is why many businesses are turning to video conferencing solutions. Able to automate workflow processing and bridge the divide between office and remote workers, video conferencing is key to surviving the new economy. 

Easy to deploy and manage, video conferencing solutions from Logitech simply work out of the box. Helping to facilitate simple and flexible solutions for communication and workplace operations within financial organisations. 

By providing a flexible platform for communication and collaboration, video conferencing solutions also reduce the effects of common barriers to efficient business operations, such as time wasted on travel and employee burnout. 

All of these benefits work together to ensure that video conferencing solutions actively contribute to pioneering an efficient workforce. An efficient workforce is also an effective one, a characteristic that will help financial institutions succeed in a marketplace where consumers value seamless communication and customer service when engaging with a business.

Matt leads the Logitech Business Development and Account Management team. With 20 years of audiovisual and video collaboration experience, he strategically positions his team to succeed. He is proud to play a part in bringing the new way of collaboration to workplaces with Logitech’s award-winning, innovative solutions.

Matthew Watts
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