April 4th, 2022

By Steve Harding


Future Proofing Your Educational Institution With Video Conferencing Technology


Recent world events have ensured that the workplace has changed forever. However, a key factor that is often overlooked is the fact that educational institutions have also undergone drastic changes. Teaching professionals are now having to manage both remote and in-class students all whilst finding new and innovative ways to keep both parties engaged. 

Yet the challenges don’t stop there. Under certain hybrid learning contexts there has to be a certain level of flexibility. Students might come into class one day a week, three days or not at all. This can make it hard to plan and account for attendance levels.

This is where video conferencing can help exponentially. Offering inherent flexibility and future proofing, Logitech’s suite of video conferencing solutions give teachers the platform needed to confidently teach their students, whether they are hybrid, remote or in-class learners.

Consistency in education

When it comes to education, consistency is key. Otherwise, it can put a strain on both teachers and students. Without consistency, teachers can find it hard to relate to and communicate with students and inspire them to put their best foot forward.

For students, a lack of consistency can hinder output. With learning perceived to be so hard, it becomes easy to lose focus and fall behind other students. All of which can result in poor performance. Achieving consistency in education is seemingly harder than ever. With students located both in the classroom and in their own remote learning environment, there can be a certain level of disconnect. 

Video conferencing offers a level of flexibility by providing teachers and students with the tools to be flexible and therefore enabling them to teach and learn no matter the learning environment. All of which provides a certain level of consistency. 

However, it’s elements of future proofing that play a large role in achieving consistency. There can be no consistency in learning environments if the technology that is being utilised is constantly changing and has no certification. This highlights the importance of future proofing. In terms of future proofing, a good place to start is by understanding this term. Broadly defined as something that will have continued value long term, future-proof technology needs to have three aspects.

Firstly, the technology should follow industry standards. Once something becomes industry standard, it’s more likely to receive widespread support. 

Secondly, elements of scalability are important. If your technology cannot be scaled up and down in accordance to users, you’re essentially traveling down a costly dead end road.

Thirdly, flexibility is important. In this instance, flexibility refers to the ability to update devices in order for the product to provide value throughout its entire lifespan.

As such, future proof technology and video conferencing solutions combine to ensure that the platform is laid for schools to offer consistency to students. This equips students with the right learning environment to help them succeed- whether they attend class in person or remotely.

Securing the future of education

When looking for modern solutions for the modern classroom, video conferencing is key. Logitech’s product suite of video conferencing tools offers future-proof, flexible and consistent solutions. 

Importantly, Logitech’s video conferencing solutions that future proof education institutions also facilitate education. This means that, no matter the learning environment, students have the tools needed to learn and thrive. 

Stay in Sync

One such tool is the Logitech Sync. Essentially video conferencing device management software, Sync supports hybrid teaching environments. By supporting the notion of working (and teaching) anywhere, Sync is scalable, certified and flexible. 

With Sync, meeting devices can be easily deployed and managed at scale, this means that if more students choose to log in remotely on any given day, your network can handle changing device numbers. 

With unique management capabilities, Sync ensures that all devices are working, minimising downtime and negative learning consequences. With all devices active, it ensures that students can connect with teachers rather than facing connection issues and missing lessons.

The future of whiteboards

Whiteboards are synonymous with the classroom. However, for remote students, learning from a whiteboard can prove tricky. Scribe makes it easy to effortlessly share whiteboards into video meetings. Designed to feature built-in AI and a custom lens, Scribe broadcasts the whiteboard content into video meetings with outstanding clarity. This way, remote students never miss a beat.

Providing consistency and flexibility, Scribe empowers educational equity. Importantly, by providing capabilities that will be critical in tomorrow’s world, not just today’s, Scribe helps educational institutions plan and account for the future.

Rally behind flexible fit for any room 

One of the key barriers to effective remote learning is the notion that remote students may miss pertinent pieces of information. After all, face-to-face engagement is different to engagement facilitated by a screen, right?

Wrong. With Logitech’s Rally Plus educational institutions can enjoy cinema-quality video and crystal clear, room-filling sound. This means that audio and video is broadcast to such a quality that facial and vocal nuances are seamlessly picked up.

Rally Plus ensures that participants both in the room and on the screen have access to the same information. This removes barriers to consistency and offers students who may need to learn from home a flexible and yet viable alternative to in-class learning. 

A solution for all time, in every room

When it comes to educating minds of the future, recent world events have seemingly made this task harder than ever. However, by embracing video conferencing solutions, your educational institution can ensure a level of future proofing.

By readying your education workplace today, you can ensure that your teachers and students have the technology needed to succeed both now and in the future. Ensuring that levels of consistency in learning never waiver- whether students are learning in person or remotely. 

Fit for any classroom or meeting room, Logitech provides scalable, future-proof technology solutions. Helping the teachers of today in their quest to develop educated and motivated individuals.

Stephen works with Logitech clients to provide unrivalled technical knowledge and support beyond just functionality. He empowers you to become a video collaboration expert in your own right. Working with Stephen ensures you can confidently use your Logitech solution to its full potential and create a consistent, user-friendly experience.

With an audio engineering background and 15 years of experience in the AV and unified communications industries, Stephen advocates for education and technology to allow increased access and equity - not just within workplaces, but for communities. He is a self-confessed nerd when it comes to camera quality and sound design - there's no project too complex for him.

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